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I've goot a VPN tunnel running between two sites (one static, one dynamic), and the tunnel goes down maybe once a week.  Both sides are NV3430 routers running R12.3.4.E   If I disable the tunnel… (Show more)
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I have followed the guides from Adtran about setting up RADIUS for my SSID but I'm not having any luck.  I may be doing something wrong in the setup, but thought it might have something to do using… (Show more)
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Wondering if it's possible to implement 2AUTH with the 3448 and NCP software or any other solution?
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I've attempted to manipulate the outbound ani originating from a user interface PRI and terminating out a Network interface PRI and I get no success.  The selections are send as provided, substitute… (Show more)
in ATLAS 550 Series
My log analyzer will show all events correctly as they happen but in this case the date is off by 5 months. The time shows correctly. Time/Date are set correctly on the switch itself. Has anyone… (Show more)
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I am seeing this "SIP stack timer retransmit" every now and then in the log. Also I see this suspicious ip address that when I googled showed the following details:   --> Avast… (Show more)
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I am running an TA908e with the following layout   3CX -> Yeastar TE100 -> TA908e -> SIP Trunks   I can call into the 3CX box using an external number. If I pick up an extension registered to 3CX… (Show more)
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