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"TL;DR on the KRACK WPA2 stuff - you can repeatedly resend the 3rd packet in a WPA2 handshake and it'll reset the key state, which leads to nonce reuse, which leads to trivial decryption with known… (Show more)
Looking for insight regarding WPA2 Vulnerabilities.   The WPA2 protocol is ubiquitous in wireless networking. The vulnerabilities described here are in the standard itself as opposed to individual… (Show more)
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    This table defines the specific features and firmware supported by each AOS based platform and applies to NetVanta and Total Access 900 products that run AOS (ADTRAN Operating System). Any…
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Hey all,   We have a 6240 in our lab with a SIP Trunk, 2 PRI's and FXS loops connected to a ShoreTel PBX.  I want to direct specific incoming DID's to one of the mentioned trunks on the 6240, how do… (Show more)
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Hi, in the office we have multiple TA-5000 (34) and use differents model of ONT:   TA 434RG TA 414RG TA 324RG TA 301   And we have two AOE (Primary and Secondary) with the version… (Show more)
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When can we expect an update for the WPA2 flaw announced this morning? BSAP access points may not be vulnerable of course and client-side updates should be everyone's priority but it's an important… (Show more)
I am also having issues but more with cell phones disconnecting, I am running the latest adtran wvlan and AP software and firmware. we have a strong signal but then when we have connection issues an… (Show more)
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Hello,   We have a TA-908e successfully registered to a Genband SBC. The Genband sends an OPTIONS packet as a Qualify (keep-alive). We need the TA to respond with a 200/OK. Right now it is not… (Show more)
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