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Does the TA900e (3rd Gen) support 4 wire T1s facing the customer's PBX?    We have a customer with an old PBX that requires a 4 wire T1 for their voice and I can't find any documentation that says… (Show more)
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Hello,   How is http enabled on the NV6360. I'm running the default config and the http command does not work.   NetVanta 6360 Default Configuration   Thank you
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I'm preparing to install the device between the carrier and the customer's PBX. Currently two PRI circuits connect to their PBX directly. Both PRI circuits have a D-channel (FAS) and they're… (Show more)
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Looking for the best solution router that will avoid/eliminate packet collisions or allow packet flow even if shaping is in place from the LEC .
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We have procured a remanufactured TA 600RT1 TDM, 3rd GEN (4203600L1#TDM). s/n HDCDENAN4213680L1 for my small business.  We  have a verizon T1 just installed.  I spoke to ADTRAN via Caes #4993148 and… (Show more)
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Adtran 1550 Syslog is missing after reboot. I need to prevent this. I also need to know how to extend the buffer of the syslog as its crazy short right now.
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i have a device that i can not connect via SSH i reviewed the config a few times and it looks ok   i am posting the config here maybe someone might catch whats wrong   .         ! ! ADTRAN,… (Show more)
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I was in the process of migrating all connections from a 24 port Adtran Netvanta 1200 series switch over to a Netvanta 1238 48-Port switch, but once I filled up the 1st 24 ports, the other half of… (Show more)
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