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I want to use Nv 3140 with 2 subnets, one on Gig 0/1, second on Gig 0/3; Internet WAN on Gig 0/2.    I connect Gig 0/1 to an unmanaged switch that is not connected to Gig 0/3; connecting a pc with… (Show more)
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The attached matrix is an Excel tool (developed by ADTRAN) that equips users to search and to compare the features of NetVanta 1560 switches.   Download the file below and select "enable content"…
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Is it possible to configure my Atlas 550, such that an incoming call on the T1/PRI to 503-111-1111 would be sent back out the same T1/PRI to phone number 503-222-2222, which is a different  T1/PRI… (Show more)
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I just had a 1531p fail from N-Command after a software upgrade. I found in the forums that this model lacks a PoE controller capable of shutting down.  The fix is to physically power cycle the… (Show more)
My company sells/supports Allworx SIP PBXs. We have a weird edge case with one of our customers who uses PRI for dial-tone.  On outbound calls, if our user happens to receive an SMS on their iPhone,… (Show more)
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Is it possible to block an inbound number (CID) in the Adtran 550? Thank you!
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I'm involved in project to replace an EoL Cisco 2432 router with an Adtran TA9xxE.  The existing Cisco is using frame relay on the WAN side.  If anyone could give me so pointers on replicating this… (Show more)
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