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How many PRI interfaces can the Atlas series handle? I need something (or a pair of devices) that can handle 32 ISND PRI interfaces. I see the 550 has quad PRI cards (PN: 1200755E2). Would it be… (Show more)
in ATLAS 550 Series
i have this 908e connected to the PBX on the T4 port and the ETH02 to the Internet       i can do outgoing calls but incoming doesn't work This is my config can anyone point me whats wrong   ! !… (Show more)
in Total Access 900/900e Series
Hi guys,   I am wondering if there is anyway to setup a TA90x to take inbound calls and then forward them back out to a different number? this would all be over SIP. I tried creating a voice user… (Show more)
in Total Access 900/900e Series
Hello. Does the Netvanta 3140 support rfc2833 out-of-band DTMF for SIP Trunking? I have enabled this option many times in Adtran 908 and so forth, but do not see the option in OS R13.2.2.  … (Show more)
in NetVanta 3100 Series
As my name suggests, I am new to this VLAN configuration. I currently have 2 networks in my place of business. I am needing to connect both of them to one switch. and have the Switch handle DHCP. The… (Show more)
in NetVanta 1500/1600 Series
I have 9 netVanta 1550 48-port switches. Very basic setup with 2 VLANS. After booting them, while telnetted in, there are no errors. However within 2-3 days I am unable to log into them (SSL, Telnet,… (Show more)
in NetVanta 1500/1600 Series
I am logging in the Netvanta 3200 router and tried to use the default password: password with no luck.    Is there anyway to overcome this?   adtran-support
in NetVanta 3200/3300 Series
I am attempting to make AT&T Fiber work without having to use the AT&T gateway.  One method is known as "vlan swapping" and is detailed here.  In order to attempt this method, I need to be able to… (Show more)
in NetVanta 1500/1600 Series
Hi, I am dealing with 3 BSAP2020 APs and Express Cloud. When plugged in, 2 get a solid middle light that changes to orange for a few seconds every minute or so, and a constantly flashing right light.… (Show more)
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