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Question: How do you send debug output to a Syslog Server from an AOS device?   Answer: The ability for AOS devices to send debug output to a Syslog Server was added in AOS release R13.2.0. You…
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I have setup WAN fail-over on NV3120. The primary is Comcast and backup WAN is FIOS. The fail-over works and when Comcast goes down it fails to FIOS as expected.  But the problem is when Comcast… (Show more)
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I have an Adtran 3140 (PN 1700341F1) and need to perform a hard reset (cannot log in).  There does not appear to be a reset button.  Are there any alternatives?
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I can not get the 5ghz band to work, I can only change the power settings to auto and when I check the AP setting tranmit power is set to zero.
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I have a vendor that provides a Chrome based soft-phone, we are having inband DTMF issues from the soft-phone to an auto attendant behind our adtran 904. the phone sends rtp/avp 100 but I answer with… (Show more)
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I'm pretty new to routing (I usually work on the Firewall side), and I need to do something that seems like it should be easy, I'm just not sure if I have a good understanding of what I'm doing here.… (Show more)
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Hi-   I'm trying to get a handful of Atlas 550s up and running for a project. I am running into the "old dead battery in the Dallas chip" issue, so have been hacking into the chips to attach an… (Show more)
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    The attached matrix is an Excel tool (developed by ADTRAN) that equips users to search and to compare features of products that have the ADTRAN Operating System (AOS).   Routers, switches and…
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Hello,   I'm running into an issue with the T1 hand-off between an Adtran 908e Gen 2, and a Shoretel T1K   Due to a hardware failure, we are replacing an Adtran Total Access 904 (Gen 2)… (Show more)
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