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These temp controllers work when hard wired but not when connected to the wireless which is supplied via 3 blue socket APs. The wireless and wired are in the same subnet, the temp controllers… (Show more)
in Bluesocket vWLAN
Recently, I had an issue with one of our operator desk sets accidentally placed in DND.  The desk set is a Polycom VVX400.  There are two on the counter and, because if this, the operator sometimes… (Show more)
in NetVanta 7000 Series
Has anyone run into this?  I've been trying to install the Netvanta UC Client on a Windows 10 and a Windows 7 PC.  Both seemingly install all the required dependencies, but then give an… (Show more)
in NetVanta UC
vWLAN and BSAP Version 3.0.1  were released and posted for the vWLAN Appliance, Virtual Appliance (VMware), BSAP 1800s, BSAP 1900s, BSAP 2000s and BSAP 3000 series. Please review the vWLAN Version… (Show more)
in Software (vWLAN)
We have been tasked with purchasing an Adtran Netvanta 4430 with the 8 port multi T1 card.  Is there a "how to" on setting this up?  We have 7 T1's at the location.
in NetVanta 3400 Series
My AP 160 only has about 20' of usable range on 5 gig, does not penetrate through any walls, I have power up all the way. Is there the possibility that the antenna is disconnected or is it part of… (Show more)
in NetVanta 100 Series
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Neither the web interface's System -> Licensing tab nor the CLI "license request key generate" command seem to exist... so how does one do that on these boxes?
in Total Access 900/900e Series