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I can not get the 5ghz band to work, I can only change the power settings to auto and when I check the AP setting tranmit power is set to zero.
in Bluesocket vWLAN
Trying to follow these instructions to apply my license: "go to web based administrative console of the vWLAN, go to Configuration > Wireless > AP Licenses. " No URL listed for it and I can't find it>… (Show more)
in Bluesocket vWLAN
I have a 908e that I'm setting up with CenturyLink VoiceComplete internet based SIP Trunks. There are two carriers for failover and redundancy. There are two trunk groups from CL, one trunk group… (Show more)
in Total Access 900/900e Series
Im getting a PRI handoff from my vendor off a Adtran TA924e. But i need to break that down from digital to analog. So basically it would be Carrier----->to Adtran924E T1PRI-------->Adtran… (Show more)
in Total Access 600 Series
We have a Mitel SX-200EL with a PRI circuit to the telco and a spare T1 port.  We want to link the T1 port to a VOIP asterisk style PC for VOIP phones. We want to do T1 E&M signalling to a Total… (Show more)
in Total Access 900/900e Series
We use TA900 series on our own private IP network (no NAT and no outside IP access to management).  The problem is we can't transfer an active call to an external number.  Regardless whether the… (Show more)
in Total Access 900/900e Series
I have a 3140 with a Cox Modem as the Internet Connection. Cox has given us a /27 range for public IPs but then stated we had to use a static /32 for the actual link to our 3140 and that the /27… (Show more)
in NetVanta 3100 Series