Pluggable Optics Matrix

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The ADTRAN Pluggable Optics portfolio offers a wide array of deployment options in terms of:

Interface Speeds, Distances, and Transmission Media, including Multimode (MM) Fiber, Single Mode (SM) Fiber, Copper, and Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) Fiber Interfaces.

Design Considerations

ADTRAN Total Access products are designed for optimum system performance and reliability when used with ADTRAN Pluggable Optics (SFP, CSFP, SFP+, and XFP).
ADTRAN continuously evaluates Pluggable Optics from various component suppliers in an effort to insure availability of appropriate options for our customers.
This continuing process has already identified components and vendors that do not meet ADTRAN standards.

ADTRAN adheres to this design strategy to ensure:

  • Performance over operating temperature
  • Compliance with industry standards such as NEBS
  • Optical network performance including OSNR (Optical Signal to Noise Ratio)
  • Compatibility with connected equipment
  • Integration with system diagnostic reporting

All ADTRAN Pluggable Optics

  • Are covered by a minimum one year warranty
  • Are either Industrial or Commercial Temperature Rated
    • Commercial Temperature Rated parts are denoted with a trailing "C", for example 1442981G1C
    • All Pluggable Optics with part numbers not ending in "C" are Industrial Temperature Rated

Bi-Directional Pluggable Optics

  • Are provided in pairs with part numbers that only differ in their designation as G1 or G2
    • G1 transmits at the higher wavelength (1490 nm for example)
    • G2 transmits at the lower wavelength (1310 nm for example)

11.3 Gbps XFP and SFP+ Pluggable Optics

  • Support OTU2 OTN rates in addition to 10 GE, OC-192, STM-64, and 10 G FC (Fibre Channel)

2.67 Gbps SFP Pluggable Optics

  • Support OTU1 OTN rates in addition to OC-48 and STM-16

Multi-Rate Pluggable Optics

  • Some ADTRAN Pluggable Optics are specified as Multi-Rate support lower speeds as specified in their description.

ADTRAN provides this information to our customers because of our commitment to total quality and customer satisfaction.

Third-Party Pluggable Optics in Total Access Products

To protect our customers and their networks from potentially detrimental effects caused by non-ADTRAN optics, ADTRAN products provide the indications and alarms described below.

  • Transport Systems (OPTI, ONE): Non-ADTRAN Pluggable Optics - lasers remain off plus Major alarm
  • Broadband Systems: Non-ADTRAN Pluggable Optics lasers remain on plus Major alarm. All traffic passes.
  • GPON, AE modules: Non-ADTRAN Pluggable Optics lasers remain off plus Major alarm
  • New Modules including TA5000/5006 SM40 and Total Access 5004 MSM, 1148VX, and 1148VX-DMT: data and video traffic (i.e. customer services) will not be allowed and a non-clearable "Major Alarm" will be generated. However, when the unit is in this state, remote management is still allowed and the laser is enabled.
  • All other modules: Non-ADTRAN Pluggable Optics lasers remain off plus Major alarm

Third-Party Pluggable Optics in OPTI-6100 Products

  • The OPTI-6100 checks the CLEI Code on the Pluggable Optic to verify that it is an ADTRAN Pluggable Optic.
  • The OPTI-6100 also checks if the Pluggable Optic is the correct unit for the provisioning on the port to which it is connected.
  • If it is an incorrect unit, the OPTI-6100 generates a mismatch alarm.

Pluggable Optics Labeled as ADTRAN-Compatible

  • ADTRAN neither sells nor endorses Pluggable Optics labeled as "ADTRAN-compatible."
  • Technical assistance or warranty support cannot be provided for Total Access™ systems using these non-ADTRAN Pluggable Optics.
  • We encourage our customers to avoid these products and prevent unwanted interruptions in network and subscriber services.
  • Pluggable Optics labeled as ADTRAN-compatible likely use components that have not passed the stringent test criteria for compatibility, performance or standards compliance.
  • To insure system/network integrity, ADTRAN continues to increase compatibility verification features associated with Pluggable Optics to inhibit the use of non-ADTRAN Pluggable Optics.
  • When Total Access™ 5000 System Release 9 is fully implemented, these security enhancements will disable the lasers on any non-ADTRAN Pluggable Optics recognized in the system.

For questions or concerns, please contact your ADTRAN sales representative.