• what was the last atlas 550 firmware level offered?

    the query says it all...   have an Adtran 550 atlas that has been up and running for quite some time it's current firmware version is C.09.04 is there a later version available? if so from where do I get ...
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  • Atlas 550 (beige units) failing to boot. Relay clicks, boot looping.

    Hi-   I'm trying to get a handful of Atlas 550s up and running for a project. I am running into the "old dead battery in the Dallas chip" issue, so have been hacking into the chips to attach an external 3v batte...
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  • Need help with configuraiton

    I bought a 550 to use as a pbx at home so that I could connect a portmaster 3 to it so that I can do some retro gaming using 56k dial-up.   I will set it up so that it has a phone line on all eight fxs ports, a ...
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  • how many PRI interfaces can it handle?

    How many PRI interfaces can the Atlas series handle? I need something (or a pair of devices) that can handle 32 ISND PRI interfaces. I see the 550 has quad PRI cards (PN: 1200755E2). Would it be possible to fill the ...
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  • SIP ALG on Atlas 550?

    We have a Digium PBX and two gateways behind an Atlas 550. We've been having problems with lack of sound on outbound calls, and Digium support recommended we make sure that SIP ALG is not enabled on our firewall. I've...
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  • We are looking to replace 2 Adtran 550's due to end of life. What is everyone using in its place?

    We are looking to replace 2 Adtran 550's due to end of life. What is everyone using in its place?
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  • Atlas 550 with PRI to analog ports is showing a lot of the same Event Logs

    I am getting a lot of the same Event Log Errors saying: Call clearing: TIMER_EXPIRY : Loc=U, Category: Major, Source ISND, Port/Sublink 1. What is causing this? Atlas 550 with an incoming PRI and outgoing analog ports.
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  • I have an Atlas 550 that I have configured three BRI slots to hunt, using the same number for In#Accept with incremented SPIDS.  Two questions:  First, is it possbile to have the last BRI in the hunt group hunt next to an FXS port in the box.

    Second, is it possible to have that FXS port call out when it receives a routed call from the hunt group?
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  • Saving current config issue

    I'd like to save the current config on my Adtran Atlas550, Have running the tftp server. On some reason the Current Transfer Status is the Iddle When I am clicking on "Save Config remotely" have the message "Config...
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  • 50volt power

    Hello   Due to an overheat issue in our tech room, the system LED on is now constantly red on our Atlas 550.  We tried to clear the system LED but it won't clear.  Looking at the logs it appears the is...
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  • Unable to make outbound install on a new circuit and configuration

    I'm new to the ADTRAN world.  I have inherited some infrastructure that just works and I have tried to add a new/similar config to another site.  I don't know if I have an ADTRAN problem or a circuit problem...
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  • Analog POTS Hunt Group for Adtran 550

    I have a PRI with two Quad-4 cards for ISDN and also a FXS-8 card for Analog POTS lines in an Atlas 550.    Is it possible to make a linear hunt group for just the 8 POTS Lines?
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  • Phone Call Time Delay Issues

    We recently moved from Windstream to ATT IP Flex and are experiencing time delays in the phone calls. By this I mean when I'm talking to a person over the phone, it might take 1-4 seconds for the other person to hear ...
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  • Atlas 550 "Out of memory"

    I've got an Atlas 550 that is handling SS7 links for one of our service areas. Approximately every 15 hours this device reboots. I'm on the C.9.3 firmware. The reboot reason is "out of memory" and the manuals all sh...
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  • Hi, To have a backup PRI for our adtran we have installed another PRI module.

    To have the backup PRI channel on our Adtran 550 we installed the second PRI Module. Now I have a hard time to programm it as the first one is programmed. To make sure that all the programming is done, I tried to use ...
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  • Ntwk1 Error light flashes three times every 8 seconds

    My Adtran 550 Network 1 Error light flashes three times every 8 seconds. I have no issues with processing signals, and Modules all report OK and ONLINE. I show no issues at all on Network 1 and no errors in the Syst...
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  • What the type of signal on my Adtran is used

    Trying the activate the new (second one as a backup) PRI channel, the provider asked me what type signal is used on our Adtran (National ISDN, Lucent 5E, or AT&T 4ESS or EuroISDN or Northen DMS-100? I went over a...
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  • Why does my Atlas 550 occassionally go into Test mode on the Network module...?

    Why does my Atlas 550 occassionally go into Test mode on the Network module...?
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  • Single call ringing multiple FXS simultaneously

    I am using an Atlas 550   Is it possible to setup a single DID/DNIS match to ring multiple FXS with a single phone call?  Whomever answers would assume the call, and the other FXS would stop ringing.  ...
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  • Max entries for incoming number accept list

    Hello, I am using the Adtran Atlas 550 to migrate from one PBX to another in groups of users. I have an 8000 number DID range and it is spread out between 4 complexes. The numbers are all scrambled and not grouped ...
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