• Bluesocket Factory Reset without SSH?

    Hi,   Currently dealing with 3x BSAP2020s and trying to get them to connect either with my on-prem vWLAN server or Express Cloud. These APs have been repurposed and the SSH information is unknown, I was curious ...
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  • Configure multiple BSAP

    Greetings all,   So recently with the company I work for I came across a site where all Bluesocket 2020 APs has lost their configuration. The way the company deploys the BSAPs is that the AP will be configured t...
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  • AP has weird flashing lights, need factory reset?

    Hi, I am dealing with 3 BSAP2020 APs and Express Cloud. When plugged in, 2 get a solid middle light that changes to orange for a few seconds every minute or so, and a constantly flashing right light. The other just ha...
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  • snmp syntax/message format

    Hello,   I would dearly love to use the vWLAN captive portal.  I am able to configure it to work correctly; however, we also use a Barracuda Web Security Gateway and I need to pass the successful login mess...
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  • https://adtran.com/cloud won't work

    I'm trying to add one more AP to my express cloud account. But the URL link, https://adtran.com/cloud, won't work. Is there any new link for express cloud?
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  • Receiving vWLAN Licensing 'UKNOWN ERROR OCCURRED'

    Hello,   I am trying to activate some BSAP-2030's that I have purchased and received license activation keys for.  I follow the licensing instructions and comma separate my serial number and activation code...
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  • Licensed AP 2030 not pulling IP address on network- Showing as "Down"

    When adding a new BSAP to the network, I upload the AP license file, then connect the AP to the Controller and the AP works after a few minutes of setting up on the network. Same thing I did for this new Bluesocket 20...
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  • BlueSocket Aps with Mac Computers

    I have recently deployed BlueSocket APs on a customer prem.  They are an exclusive Mac user office.  It appears that after a random amount of time they just stop being able to connect to the internet.  ...
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  • Buying used BSAP 1920

    So i purchased a few BSAP1920 decommissioned from e-bay, these units were taken out of a working environment. they were able to be registered to my account and i was able to obtain the licence to add to my vWlan. I ha...
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  • AP's unexpectedly going "down".

    I've been experiencing AP's showing up as "down" in vWLAN.  If I go to the location, all lights are green and appear to be flashing in a normal manner, however I can not connect through the particular AP.  A...
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  • Bsap1800v2 gpl sources

    How can one get the gpl source code for the 1800v2 ap's?
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  • AP list will not refresh

    Yesterday I deleted an AP from one of my domains and now the AP list will not refresh, even after a reboot of the system. Any ideas?
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  • mobile device connectivity issues

    Is anyone aware of issues with Apple IOS and some Android mobile devices connecting to 2030 or 3040 BSAP's? (I think it may be happening with 19xx series also*) Users will attempt to connect with a iPhone or other IOS...
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  • BSAP-1920 won't auto negotiate to 1G

    I have a BSAP-1920 that is connected to an Adtran 1538 switch, and being configured via an off site controller. The switch is set to auto negotiate, and when the switch and access point are rebooted, they only negotia...
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  • I have bluesocket and the older 160's the problem I have is with the 160's locking up or 'going down'

    I have bluesocket and the older 160's. The problem I have is with the 160's locking up or 'going down' in any case not passing traffic and users can't sign on, even though they are typing in the correct passphrase or...
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  • Blink/flash LED's to help identify an AP?

    I've looked but haven't found a way to get an AP to flash it's LED's so I can physically identify the unit.   Is there a way to do this with 1920's, 1925's, 2030's?
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  • Mikrotik DHCP Option 43

    I'm trying to get DHCP Option 43 setup for my 2020's to point to the vWLAN automatically.  Has anyone setup Option 43 on a Mikrotik with BSAP's before?
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  • BSAP1840v2 - Firmware 3.1.0

    After Upgrade to vWlan 3.1.0 our BSAP1840v2 (with 3.1.0 Firmware) are not working as expected. Clients can connect but dont get IP-Address refreshed or internet connection. With our BSAP3040 there are no issues.  ...
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  • Bluesocket Controller Discovery / Option 43 / Option 60 / Option 55 (Juniper SRX)

    We've recently delved into the world of Bluesocket APs, and I've been trying to sort out how to configure our managed routers (mainly Junipers, Ciscos, and Adtrans) to provide Option 43 info to them via DHCP.   ...
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  • What does HB stand for?

    Firmware 3.0.1-HB was announced a few months ago. What do the letters "HB" signify?
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