• Blocking multicast traffic

    How effectively can multicast traffic be blocked on a SSID that does not need other devices to communicate with each other?  Anyone offer any insights, I have included some rules I want to experiment with but wan...
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  • Is there a time zone setting in vWLAN?

    We've got our vWLAN logging to Splunk, however the time stamps are all off 4 hours.  It appears that even though we're set for NTP, the syslog facility is not using the local time in the timestamp.  This is ...
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  • After upgrading vWlan 3.2.0 the 5ghz band is not working the transmit power is set to zero and can't change it

    I can not get the 5ghz band to work, I can only change the power settings to auto and when I check the AP setting tranmit power is set to zero.
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  • VMware Workstation Wireless Adapter Bridging Issue

    Hello, I am testing the Blue Socket 1920 AP and vWLAN appliance. Things are going pretty good for the past several months but yesterday I ran across a situation I can't seem to figure out how to resolve. I have a lapt...
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  • Express Cloud Pro's and Con's

    Just wondering what everyone's experience has been with the Express Cloud and any Pro's or Con's you have discovered so far.
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  • How to resolve iPhones dropping from wifi on blue socket WAP 1925 and 2030?

    iPhones intermittently drop from the WiFi (1925 and 2030 WAP's) unable to find reason Any ideas anyone?
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  • is it possible to block by mac address?

    maybe even in some roundabout way? i'm not adverse to complicated solutions, but i haven't found any step-by-step examples yet.   i saw something in a different thread about sending them to a useless vlan, but ...
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  • Schedule Job to restart all users connected on vWlan.

    Hello world!   We have many users connected on the vWlan (3.0.1) for a long time and we must create 5 schedule jobs during the day to restart the users to avoid them to be connected all day long. I tried Jobs &...
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  • how to turn off 802.11b

    Would like to turn off 802.11b access on our network. How do I go about doing that?
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  • Administrator Role Creation Issues

    i am having an issue configuring administrator roles. I am trying to make 2 different new roles. on that only has read on all and the ability to reboot. and one role that  can reboot and whitelist devices on that...
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  • Where is the Administrative Console?

    Trying to follow these instructions to apply my license: "go to web based administrative console of the vWLAN, go to Configuration > Wireless > AP Licenses. " No URL listed for it and I can't find it>
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  • Login interval

    Right now on our vWLAN a user has to log in every day, is there a way to change this?
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  • moving AP to None Domain

    vWLAN v2.8.241275 and up When going to Edit AP License and moving the AP to the None Domain to keep the license but hide it from the AP list as Unknown will generate an error message that reads:   Error Domain...
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  • Does Adtran offer an access point that can be placed in a chemical/explosive vapor environment?

    Have a need for an access point to be in a harmful/explosive vapor environment.  Does Adtran offer such AP?
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  • vWLAN: upgrading between multiple software versions

    I've been upgrading customer vWLAN software to the most recent image (3.0.1) and with some customers being at 2.3.x, I have to upgrade to 2.6.x before upgrading to 3.0.1.   For best practice, is it better to let...
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  • How to set up RADIUS for an SSID using Lightspeed Rocket as RADIUS server?

    I have followed the guides from Adtran about setting up RADIUS for my SSID but I'm not having any luck.  I may be doing something wrong in the setup, but thought it might have something to do using my Lightspeed ...
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  • New deployment of vWLAN 3.1.0 reporting no vmware tools installed

    New deployment of vWLAN 3.1.0 under vMware ESXi 5.5.0 reporting no vmware tools installed, adding a cdrom drive to the vm and going to Guest > Install/Upgrade vmware tools as expected does nothing, guessing it woul...
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  • How to remove AP from vWLAN?

    We've had several licensed AP's fail and get replaced with new/reconditioned units with new license files.  But now I have a list of AP's cluttering up my screens. Is there a way to delete/hide these now useless...
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  • Bluesocket software image, does this update the Ubuntu version as well?

    Does upgrading the Bluesocket software image update the Ubuntu OS version as well? 
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  • Router capacity -vs- a rogue setting somewhere

    Hello,   I have three 3020 bluesocket APs sharing an SSID, all behind one router.  I have to restart the router several times a day. Does anyone else have this problem?  Am I missing a setting somewhere?
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