• Which Adtran router would be the best to match ethernet traffic from lec and not need QoS or traffic shaping applied to it?

    Looking for the best solution router that will avoid/eliminate packet collisions or allow packet flow even if shaping is in place from the LEC .
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  • We have procured a remanufactured TA 600RT1 TDM, 3rd GEN (4203600L1#TDM). s/n HDCDENAN4213680L1 for my small business.  We  have a verizon T1 just installed.  I spoke to ADTRAN via Caes #4993148 and tech support told me the DSX-1 port(card) was not needed

    We have procured a remanufactured TA 600RT1 TDM, 3rd GEN (4203600L1#TDM). s/n HDCDENAN4213680L1 for my small business.  We  have a verizon T1 just installed.  I spoke to ADTRAN via Caes #4993148 and tec...
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  • Can someone check this config on a NV4305 and see if it looks okay or is missing something ?

    3 Bonded T1's -PPP1 Using ETH 0/1-   ! ADTRAN, Inc. OS version ! Boot ROM version 08.02.00.XA ! Platform: NetVanta 4305, part number ! Serial number ! ! hostname "AD" enable password encrypted ! ...
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  • Random long distance callers say that dialing extensions fails in Auto attendant

    Good Afternoon, This morning callers that had no issues yesterday said that they get no response from the auto-attendant when dialing extensions. These are people from new york, and florida. When I call from the same...
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  • Is there a way to change the LAN interface speed from 1000 to 100 on FTTH ONT's?

    During some installations we only have one CAT5 cable exiting a home and the basement is completely finished. Our older ONT's are 100 BaseT only so we run the ethernet on two pairs and dial tone on another pair. now t...
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  • OptiApps 2.1

    Will Windows10 work with the installation and functionality OptiApps 2.1?
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  • Total Access 5000 Optical Networking Edge supports Ethernet LAN. Is this same as VPLS?

    I am working to find redundancy in network with Total Access 5000 Optical Networking Edge which supports MEF complaint Ethernet LAN service. Is this same as VPLS?
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  • Please lengthen the automatic logout timeout on the support forum.

    It isn't uncommon to get logged out while composing a reply or generally browsing. I'm not sure what it is set at now, but it is an annoyance to have to re-authenticate frequently.
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  • How often do the L1 and L2 cards on a TA-5000 series adtran need to be rebooted to decrease the amount of DSL troubles?

    We are a ISP and some of our techs believe that there should be some sort set period of time where the adtran cards should be rebooted. They feel that if a card goes too long without being rebooted then it causes DSL ...
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  • We want to install a Adtran 924e in a wall mount rack, do they make rack mount ears long enough to make the unit flush with the wall mount?

    The only brackets available that I can find are: Total Access 912,916,924 19" Rackmount Brackets 1200927L19  They are really only designed to mount in the middle of the unit.
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  • Hix5625 replace cxu card

    Need to replace an CXU card in one of our Hix5625, testet in lab but when inserting the cxu into another chassis, I got this error, and the cxu resetting to factory defaults: startup.rct: /etc/startup.rct: MAC-addres...
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  • SFP/XFP/SFP+ Compatibility Matrix - No Longer Available

    Please bring back the SFP/XFP/SFP+ Compatibility Matrix.  It was available up until a week or two ago.  Direct link used to be: https://supportforums.adtran.com/community/shared-documentation/sfp-matrix ...
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  • TA5K--Trouble with Combo VDSL2 cards losing battery on FXS

    Anyone else having this issue with their TA5K's loaded with Combo VDSL cards (Part # 1187120L1).  I was first told that it was due to a few bad revision cards (Revision R and P) but now after they have all been r...
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  • "Configuration Transfer Already In Use", yet my Current Transfer Status is "Idle"

    When I try to TFTP my config off my router, I get "Configuration Transfer Already In Use", yet my Current Transfer Status is "Idle".  Is there a way I can reset this without rebooting the device? Thanks
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  • User's auto-responder is spamming the forum.

    It looks like there's a forum-to-email gateway configured that isn't properly filtering out-of-office messages. Multiple such postings from user tomimma are cluttering several threads in the TA900 forum.
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  • I can log into an existing TA5000 shelf thru hyperterm but not Google Chrome. I could a couple days ago. Why is this?

    A couple days ago I was into my TA5000 shelf with Google Chrome, and not I can't. I can ping the IP and I can open it with Hyperterm. I have other TA5000 shelves and those open up in Chrome.
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  • Reply button doesn't work since Jive upgrade.

    Clicking on Reply while logged in doesn't open an edit box.
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  • Can't Post - DSU series modem, Spaces - This field is required

    Trying to ask a question about a DSU IV   I cannot post the question... Error states ->  Spaces - This field is required   I tried to input "DSU" or "Additional Lines", etc. but they are all are ...
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  • AOE software patch

    Hi, I am looking for the AOE download section in order to browse for patches and etc. There is only 2 or 3 discussions based on AOE.  I would have hoped there would be a bigger community involved around AOE. Th...
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  • AOE & mysql/mariaDB

    I did a fresh install with CentOS 7, and when I log in as root, I will mount the cdrom in order to access the .bin file.  I copied that over to /tmp, then I would chmod, then install.  The installer launches...
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