• Why doesn't the total access 5000 sections allow me to post questions????????

    Why doesn't the ta 5000 help section allow me to post questions???????????????
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  • How to link a phone number in my PRI to an extension?

    I have several phone numbers included in my PRI, example xxx xxx-2381, xxx xxx-2382,xxx xxx-2382 ect . I would like to link one of these numbers to a specific extension. Example xxx xxx-2382 will ring extension xxx an...
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  • Looking for Information on an Adtran E&M/T0 1109402 L1 PM card. Can any one Help me find a manual?

    I'm looking for Information on an Adtran E&M/T0 1109402 L1 PM card. Can any one Help me find a manual?
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  • Looking for MTBF numbers for MX2800 and Opti-3

    I need to know the MTBF numbers for the Adtran MX2800 and Opti-3.
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  • Trying to find a solution, I set up a 3448 router with eth 0/1 as serial side/subnet /32 and eth 0/2 with ISP static lan block/subnet /27. When I try to ping out from the unit it does not work.

    Here is my config, I need eth 0/2 to have the statics set up public side.   ip firewall no ip firewall alg msn no ip firewall alg mszone no ip firewall alg h323 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! no dot11ap access-point-con...
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  • I need access to AOE documentation for discovering TA5000 devices.  I can access most other areas but AOE gives me an unauthorized message.

    How can I get access to the AOE documentation.  Specifically I need details on importing TA5000 shelves into AOE.
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  • Trying to set up remote access to a 1531 switch using a static ip

    I have a 3448 router that has a Comcast Dsl modem connected to switchport 0/1 that I configure as Vlan 2 with 2 statics . On switchport 0/2 I will have a 1531 switch connected. I have set the router switch port 0/2 to...
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  • Is firmware corrupted on 6355. Running 10.9.5 but reverted to backup.

    How serious of an issue is this? I've not yet encountered this. I also see same problem on a 924 we manage. Noticed problem when I ran show version command. I deleted and reloaded firmware, but when I rebooted switch...
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  • Does documentation have to come in plastic bags?

    I know this is not related to Forum feedback but there does not seem to be anywhere else to ask. When I get TA5000 cards, the Job aids, and compliance documentation etc, is usually neatly folded (with the title hidde...
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  • Using TCP congestion control for inbound QOS on WAN Internet interfaces

    We asked this question in 2011. I believe the topic needs updating as Netflix, Youtube and others now use TCP for video streaming.   To Adtran:   Edgemarc routers claim to be able to control the data downl...
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  • I need access to TA5006 technical documentation.

    Recently purchased a TA5006 from Adtran. I've registered the product to my account, but still can't access to its documentation.   Do I need to request account upgrade in order to be authorized?
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  • I need access to opti-6100 documentation

    I need access to opti-6100 documentation. 
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  • Need access to NetVanta 800 documentation but this is "unauthorized".

    Adtran policy makes many required documents "unauthorized" for my use -- as a result, I am unable to recommend Adtran solutions nor can I support existing clients who have already invested in the Adtran ecosystem. ...
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  • ISU 512 & Tandberg MXP 6000

    I have an ISU 512 that I am trying to configure/install to use as my DTE or Dialing device for Tandberg Video-teleconferencing  Equipment. I am running ISDN and missing a step my ISU 512 keeps telling me DSL's n...
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  • I need help to load factory defaults on NTU 6540, as we don^t have a password and local management is diabled

    I Need help to load factory Defaults on a NTU 6540 as local Management is disabled and the Password is not known...
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  • Broken link

    From https://supportforums.adtran.com/docs/DOC-4924 the link to the general AOS document on factory configs points to https://supportforums.adtran.com/docs/DOC-2923 but should go to https://supportforums.adtran.com/do...
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  • chrome ssl connection error

    when trying to login with chrome (ver 43.0.2357.81 m) as of this writing i get the following error when attempting to login:   http://supportforums.adtran.com/login.jspa     SSL connection errorERR_SS...
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  • Why can i see every netvanta product on this site but the 800 series? That is the product i have and need support help with?

    Why can i see every netvanta product on this site but the 800 series? That is the product i have and need support help with?
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  • Total access 900 wallmount brackets p/n. Need to order them separatelly.

    My team needs to buy additional wallmount brackets for TA900 family units. Please let me know P/N for this item and where we can buy them at. Thank you in advance!
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  • NetVanta 838 ACT Status Light

    The ACT Status light on just one of our NetVanta 838's is mostly GREEN but is blinking ORANGE. What does this mean? Where can I download the documentation for the Status Lights?
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