• Adtran BCS System Feedback (Not forum Feedback)

    First of all I want to say sorry.  I know this is posted in the wrong forum, the feedback forum is for feedback on the community itself and not on the hardware/software Adtran offers.  There is no customer f...
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  • Why I do not have access to the OPTI product information?

    As title.
    created by wei
  • Cannot access technical documemtation

    I am unable to access the technical documentation on the support page.  I receive an error that the documentation is restricted.  anyone know why I need to contact.
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  • I am logged in as jwintrode@gmail.com, and need access to the EMS documentation for customer support.

    I have a customer of yours that is asking us to create a VPS for them for Adtran to install EMS 6.x. I would like to get server, OS requirements and I cannot get to this section of your site. I was told when I called ...
    created by preytell
  • I like it.

    Nice improvements, ADTRAN!
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  • Changed Companies

    Hi,   I changed companies. I want to keep all my previous Adtran stuff (communities, university etc). Help!   Bryan
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  • Delete account

    How can I change my e-mail or delete my account !!
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  • Why is it so difficult to find adtran cpe documentation?  I don't have time for this...

    All I want is the tech docs for the Netvanta 4430.  We had a field tech installing one last night, and I needed to confirm what port options there were on the device.  Tech was telling me one thing, device t...
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  • Finding documentation is not very easy (to say the least)....

    I have been trying to find Information on subtending TA5000 Nodes via EFM Groups, this functionality was rumored to exist by local support folk who  could not tell me what System Release this functionality appear...
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  • You never get a second chance to make a first impression....

    Adtran's first impression was horrible..   First I had to register hardware I manage but do not own, just to download a manual that contains ZERO proprietary information about the hardware and software related t...
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  • Adtran Forums - How To Block Surveymonkey Pop-ups?

    How anyone offer some pointers on blocking this? I sometimes have 5 tabs open at supportforums.adtran.com and it's extremely annoying to have to close the survey monkey popup each time I close one of the tabs.   ...
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  • Certificates not arriving

    I completed a few tests Monday and the Certificate Collateral emails have not yet arrived.   Is this normal?
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  • Profile Changes

    I recently changed jobs and cannot seem to update that portion of my profile.  Is there a way to do this myself or do I need assistance with that?   Mac
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  • Browser warning problem

    If you try to login to this forum using IE 10 it says you're using an older browser with no option to continue.  FAIL.
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  • Filter search to technical documents

    Is there a way to limit or filter my search results to only include Adtran published technical documents?   Thanks, Matthew
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  • How do I acknowlede or clear a post?

    I posted a problem some time ago and I get regular e-mails from ADTRAN Support Community saying "Not doing that anymore? Log in and change it!"  Don't see where I do that.
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