• NetVanta 7060 DHCP Leases not displaying properly - "could not eval" error

    When going to the NetVanta 7060 DCHP Server setting the DHCP Leases are not displaying properly.  It shows a "could not eval" messages and displays all of the leases in an un-formatted fashion.  This is true...
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  • can't provision phones

    I purchased 2 Adtran Polycom phones and our phone people are saying they can't provision them for our use.
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  • Directory and Phone Name will not update on 7100

    I followed the video Changing the Name Assigned to a Phone Extension on the NetVanta 7100 and the User Accounts shows the correct name, the IP Phone Config, and IP Phone Global shows the correct name also. I ask the ...
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  • i want to connect to adtran ip phone 321/335 with my laptop

    i'm having issues with one of my adtran ip phones 321/335 i get audio but they can't hear me. NEED HELP LOGING INTO IP PHONE WITH MY LAPTOP.
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  • VVX Series support for sla primary line seizureX

    Do polycom vvx support for sla primary line seizure on a 7100?
    created by jwiv
  • Different Ring Tone for External inbound calls vs Internal inbound calls

    Went into the web phone config for that VVX-400 and changed the ring tone in two places: (Settings > Lines > Line 1> Ring Type, which is, I believe, the "internal call, ie.: dialing extension 104” setti...
    created by jimw
  • Recommended firmware version for Polycom SoundPoint 321 phones

    We are running Adtran ECS version with a handful of Polycom SoundPoint IP 321 phones. They have been freezing up on us at random times. We've been troubleshooting our PoE switches and network jacks. Things ...
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  • Codec issue: G711 outbound but G729 in bound

        Having an issue with DTMF when calling a local store of a National retailer. We use an Adtran 4430SBC and have several Adtran 7100's using this 4430SBC for outbound calls. The firmware on the 4430 i...
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  • Netvanta 7100 HP 1920 Switch and VVX Phones issue

    I have a Netvanta 7100 conected to a HP 1920 Switch. The phones work fine on the 7100 but you have to manually reboot the VVX 310 on the HP switch for it to come up and the VVX 410 always state DHCP failure. Any sugge...
    created by kollygreen
  • how to change the extensions on VVX400 programmable keys?

    We would like to change the internal extension names on the programmable keys on the VVX 400 phone.  How is this done?
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  • VVX500 & VVX600 Plays Demo Video

    I'm not exactly sure what scenario triggers this but occasionally my VVX500 and VVX600 play a polycom demo video on the screen.. ODD! I have seen it while experimenting with call park but I can't produce it constantly...
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  • unable to record call

    I just installed an Adtran NetVanta 7100 this weekend to replace our old asterisk server.   we are using Adtran ip 706 phone and polycom Sound Point 501 IP.   I was unable to use our polycom soundpoint 320...
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  • VVX Color Expansion Module Issue

    Currently I have one VVX Color Expansion Module connected to a VVX400. Sometimes, more often than not, when I push one of the soft keys it takes two or three pushes to get it to work. I've switched out to a new one an...
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  • VVX 300 NV7100 Call Retrieve

    Having Problems getting Call Retrieve working from VVX 300 phones (4.1.6 FW) on an NV7100 (11.4.4 FW)   Call can be parked and shows call has been placed in dialed Orbit.   Go to another phone press New, o...
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  • Blind Transfer does not work after upgrade

    I have upgraded my VVX 300 to version 5.3.0.  I no longer have the option to complete a blind transfer.  Anyone else see this or have a fix for it?
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  • Polycom SoundPoint 321

    I have 24 phones that all appear to be working in a static environment however I have one site where the DHCP Enable/Disable keeps switching back to Enable and seems to keep not taking the static configuration.  ...
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  • Polycom 650 with 3 expansion modules

    Customer has a status group with the 3 schedules buttons “default, night and lunch” along with 29 users.  This is the max of 32. Issue is we tried to add in IP phone configs speed dials for 8 more us...
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  • Connecting a Polycom IP550 via Internet

    Hi guys, I need your help and I hope you can help me.   Is there a way to configure a Polycom phone to work anywhere I have internet (This means without a VPN)?. Or do I need a VPN?    I have a netv...
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  • Polycom 650 & 670 call recording not working

    Polycom model 650 and 670 phones have a USB on the back to allow In call recording.   I can get a 670 to make calls in and out. Per the documentation a call record button should appear.  I'm using one of th...
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  • Intermittently unable to pick up calls on IP 650

    I have a location where we have 2 Polycom IP 650's set up in the same Operator Group that each display incoming calls.  These phones have been in service together for several months without issue.  Within th...
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