• Forward calls by area code

    We have adtran 7100 POE.  We have a 800 number that comes to our corporate location.  We would like to take incoming calls, determine the area code and then send those calls to our local branch closest to th...
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  • configure adtran IP 706 with a Hosted PBX

    I was wondering what am I missing to make an IP 706 work with my HPBX provider? do adtran phones actually work with other PBXs than adtran ? sip wise, i only need server IP , username and password .. where exactly s...
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  • Dial Problem with External SIP provider using IP 706

    I picked up an AdTran IP 706 to use as a SIP phone for travel.  I have a SIP service and have been using linksys/Cisco ATA's so I know the service is working.   I am having difficulty with documentation on ...
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  • Changing directory names

    Hello, We have the Adtran IP712 phones in our factility.  Managers have changed and I need to know how to change their names on the directory.  Thank you for your help with this matter.
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  • IP706 VMAIL soft key

    Hello everyone.   I am using an adtran ip706.   When receiving an inbound call, there is a soft key on the screen called "VMAIL" when pressed, it should redirect the call to the voicemail.   What is ...
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  • Adtran IP 706 Dial Plan

    I am using an Adtran 706 with a FreePBX Voip server. I can call the phone from any of my other phones and the phone rings and functions as it should. However when trying to call any extension from the phone I can't ge...
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  • I have a IP712.  We had to restart the phone and when we did it asked for the password.  Apparently we do not know this and we have been locked out. How do we setup a new password?

    We have an Ip712.  We had to restart the phone and now we have locked ourselves out because we do not know our password. How can we bypass this?
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  • IP 706 dial pad not dialing correct number

    I have a customer with an IP-706 phone that started today to dial wrong numbers.  Basically, when pressing 0 (zero) the digit 5 (five) is actually dialed.  All other digit buttons work.  I have been giv...
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  • Where to download IP706 Firmware archive

    Hi,   I'm looking for archive for the firmware. I know I can dowload the firmware  2.4.1 from the support page but I'm looking for older revision from the 2.x branch. Anyone know where I can get any other v...
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  • IP706 Locks Up with Version 2.4.1

    Recently upgraded a 7100 from NV7100A-A5-02-00-E.biz to NV7100A-R11-4-0-E.biz and the IP706 phones to firmware 2.4.1 Boot code was already at 2.1.0, but replaced it with the 2.1.0 that was in the 2.4.1 zip anyway. Si...
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  • IP 706 Line 2 Not Ringing

    I was recently (a week ago) handed the responsibility of all our phone systems, and I am learning even though I am not a telecom guy, but I am stumped on a certain issue.  I have a user with an IP 706 phone conne...
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  • When IP706 rings and caller ID reads (GRP) any station can answer and it immediately transfers to another station and will continue until its traveled through all stations, please advise

    When IP706 rings and caller ID reads (GRP) any station can answer and it immediately transfers to another station and will continue until its traveled through all stations, please advise
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  • Need to Add Inbound Calls to New Employee's Phone + need PPM access

    I have been trying to locate information for adding a new employee's line to ring when inbound calls come in. The new accountant needs the phone to ring at her desk so she doesn't have to run to answer the neighboring...
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  • How do I get my IP700 series phones to forward calls to a department based on certain criterion?

    Hi all,   I work at a dealership in Tallahassee and my managers want our phones to forward all sales calls to a certain department.  In addition to all sales calls, they want all after hours calls to this d...
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  • 712 phones cant pickup ringing calls intermittently .

    Adtran 7100 with (3) 712 phones 1 CO/pots line R11.10.1.E - Pots line is programmed as a shared line on all the phones.  Customer complains calls ring in and sometimes you cannot answer it. They describe it as th...
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  • How to update directory?

    I have an Adtran IP712 Phone: P/N: 1200770E1#B 06             LBADTN0831AD275 SERIAL #:      00A0C838E32A & 00A0C838E593 ...
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  • International Dial String on IP 712

    So I have been successful in my installation of Adtran IP 7XX phones on a Mitel 5000 system.  Everything seems to be working but I have one last issue to work out.  No matter what International dial string I...
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  • IP 706 does not download the adtran_phonebook.csv file

    Hello,   We would like to have the same system directory across multiple 7100s. I made the changes to the adtran_phonebook.csv file on one 7100 to contain all the phones across all the 7100s, the phones connecte...
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  • Replaced System.

    I just replaced a Netvanta 7100 with 60 phones.  Couple problems I am having.  All phones except 1 ip706 can call out.  Can't get this 1 phone to call the outside world.  Works great on intercoms.&...
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  • Can't Transfer on IP 712

    I have an IP 712 phone connected to a Mitel 5000 system.  I have it basically working but I can't get transfers to work.  Do I need to have more than one prime line to allow for a transfer?  If so, do I...
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