• IP712 Phone on a Mitel 5000

    I have a customer who has a Mitel 5000 PBX in one office and Adtran phone in another.  I am trying to connect the Adtran IP712 SIP phone to the Mitel PBX with no luck.  Can anyone tell me if the IP712 phones...
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  • IP 706/712 Vlan Tagging DHCP Setup

    Hello,   I work as a Network Administrator for a smaller company of about 90 employee's and we use Adtran phones throughout the company. We are currently trying to upgrade our network infrastructure and in the p...
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  • Keep a user's extension when moving to new jack

    I would've thought this'd be in the user manual, but am having no luck there, or in searches. Two of our staff are moving to another room (in the same suite), where there are now 2 idle phones. How do they do this and...
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  • Using a Plantronics M22 on a 706 Phone

    A customer is using Plantronics M22 headset amplifiers on their 706 phones plugged into the headset jack. On incoming calls, from station to station or outside when they press the headset button to answer the call, th...
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  • IP712 phone * string auto dial

    Dears,       I have IP712 phones , with P/N 1200770E1#B , APP : 1.3.16 , Boot APP 1.3.12 When I press * it auto dial this string , so I have no chance to complete the rest of the number , fo...
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  • Disable Ring Volume Button

    This question refers to an IP712.  Is there a way to disable the ring volume button so that the default ring volume set in the admin web interface on the phone cannot be changed by the user?   Thanks, Just...
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  • Access 706/712 via web interface.  Username/Password?

    I've tried the default as documented User: admin Pass: password, but that didn't work.  Any suggestions?  I've tried lots of obvious ones.  admin/adtran, admin/password, admin/1234, administrator/* ...
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  • can't access phones web interface

    Have a user at an "operator" position I need to disable the pop up of a second call while on a call. Found sets IP address but can't open web browser to it or any set. Also can't ping them.Using default IP addresses.
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  • SIP configuration for ADTRAN 712 with NETVANTA 7100

    I am currently trying to figure out how to add an ADTRAN 712 phone to our NETVANTA 7100.  I have the phone configured properly, but it does not connect.  On the NETVANTA side, it says it is not SIP registere...
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  • Transferring

    I'm on an adtran 7060 and using all IP 712 phones. All works well except for one issue......the transfer. There's only one way of audio from the external caller after the successful transfer. So here's the progress of...
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  • Amplified speaker for 712 phone

    12_phone speakerI have a customer with an Netvanta 7100 and a 712 phone that they use as a conference type phone.  I am trying to find out if there is some way I can connect an external speaker (amplified) to...
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  • Night Mode/Call Forward

    Hello, I searched the forums and couldn't find an answer so sorry if this is a repeat. I was just wondering how do I make a "night mode" or "call forward" button on a line key for a 706/712.   The client wants t...
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  • 1 712 phone has the incorrect time and date

    Issue with 1 712 phone not getting the correct time and date. The phone functions properly, able to make and receive calls, but the date shows 10/16/11 and the time is 9:30pm. The phone settings are the same as the ot...
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  • IP 706 not registering across Cisco ASA

    matt Well, The phone has now downloaded all of its config from the ftp server, thanks for the help!!!!   Now i'm having an issue getting the sip traffic to flow.  The phone will not register.  This is...
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  • Retrieve config from IP712

    I manually config'd a IP712 phone. How can I get that config from the phone?
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  • 2 phones, same extension??

    I don't really care if it is the same extension as long as when the first phone rings, the other does too.  Or if someone dials my extension, it rings on both.  I setup a ring group with the direct numbers f...
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  • ip706 & 712 phone SNMP management

    Hi, maybe someone can possibly answer this for me as I have been unable to find the answer myself. I have roughly 64 ip706 & 712 phones and would like to use Spiceworks to keep track of them in regards to inventor...
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  • Park Zones

    We are having some issues with Parking calls on the Adtran 712 phones on our Netventa 7100. We have created a Status Group with 5 park zones in it. The issue we are having is as follows:   Answer call on Ext 102...
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  • Reg.AuthUserID

    I have several adtran 712 ip phones and have upgraded them to the latest firmware (Firmware Version 2.3.0 Boot Firmware Version 2.1.0).  I am having an issue with the Reg.AuthUserID only accepting 16 characters.&...
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  • Manually Update Firmware on IP 706

    OK, i'm in a situation where i'd like to update the firmware on some ip706's but i'm using them on a hosted PBX.  Is there a way to setup a tftp server on my laptop and push the latest firmware to the phones that...
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