• Can the 19" Total Access 1500 use the E&M/TO access modules?

    The job aid for the E&M/TO (61180402L1) access module indicates that Amphenol P1, P2, P3 & P4 are used for T/R, T1/R1, E/SG and M/SB respectively.  My TA1500 19" chassis only has P2, P3 & P4.  I ...
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  • Telnet Connection Problems

      I have read others having this issue? Not for sure what more can be done!   The 6 Adtran MX2800’s at Columbus Ohio Downtown location and the two at New Albany Ohio Location are having the same con...
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  • Having issues with SNMP access and SolarWinds NTA

    Have an Adtran NetVanta 1335 managed by our provider, OS version R10.11.0.E. Trying to setup SNMP to allow the router to send information to SolarWinds NTA as well as IP Flow information.  However, I can't seen t...
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  • SNMP polling for n-Command

    [Sorry for posting this in the wrong space.  I cannot post to n-Command for some reason]   All, I am attempting to configure our Adtran n-Command (VMware Appliance) server for SNMP.   Under the Settin...
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