• Updating running config using snmp

    I am using an NetVanta 1238 PoE running OS version     Is there is any way to update the running config of the switch using just snmp tftp?   I am able to do this with other vendors l...
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  • end of life information for netvanta1235 & other Adtran devices

    I'm looking for a list of EOL/EOS Adtran products, but can't find a useful list of EOL announcements on Adtran's site.   I work for a service provider so searching by individual serial number isn't feasible....
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  • How to push firmware from N-Command to 1234 behind router

    Hi All,   I was wondering in the example setup below if it is possible to have N-Command push firmware directly to the switch behind a router.   Setup: Adtran 6355 > Adtran 1234 POE
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  • Can you export a config file from a 1238P and import to a 1638P?

    We currently use NetVanta 1238P switches. We'd like to move to gigabit switches. Can we export the config from our 1238P and import into a 1638P?
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  • Can't sign on to Netvanta 1234P

    I have been trying to config a guest network using a Ubiquiti USG 3p router, AP AC Pro's, and the 1234P switch.  Trying to use vlan for the guest and was doing some config and experimenting on the switch.  I...
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  • How do I block DHCP traffic only on uplink port?

    Our company is setting up a network and access points for a church. My task is to set this up using the equipment that was donated. One of those items is a 3rd-gen NetVanta 1234P to work with.   The church has w...
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  • How do I upload and install factory default config file on a NetVanta 1238

    I have downloaded the factory default config file (default-config-123x.cfg) from the Support section. I performed a factory reset using CLI but still cannot access the GUI following all the instructions step by step. ...
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  • Netvanta 1238 not working all lights blinking

    I have two Netvanta 1238s that boot to all lights blinking every second and is unusable.  Connecting with console shows nothing and I've left it powered on this way for a few days.  Anyone knows what this me...
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  • Configuring non T1 wan

    I'm sure this has been asked and answered many times but I could not find anything in a quick search.   I've inherited a simple network that had a T1, connected to the WAN-T1 port on the back of a NetVanta 1224R...
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  • Looking for where you configure auto MDI-X on the 1238? Is this just on by default on all ports?

    I haven't been able to find documentation on enabling auto MDI-X on the netvanta 1238. Is this enabled by default on all ports? Thanks,
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  • NetVanta 1234 P

    I need some help connecting to this switch and changing the default IP over to a new IP that will fit with out Network.  I am using PuTTY and an SSH session but that is even now not wanting to communic...
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  • How do I load firmware on a 1238 that lost its boot Image? Appears to have no TFTP option to reload?

    How do I load firmware on a 1238 that lost its boot Image? Appears to have no TFTP option to reload?
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  • Netvanta 1238 3rd gen factory default from bootstrap

    I'm in a pickle. I rebooted a Netvanta 1238 3rd gen and it didn't come up. Long story short, I fashioned a DB9 console connection from other posts and saw I am stuck at bootstrap. I get some characters, but still a lo...
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  • Best Practice for Port Security Setup

    Our organization has roughly 60 locations with mainly one Adtran NetVanta 1234 Switch at each location, but some have 2.  Our main location has roughly 10 switches.  We are looking at implementing port secur...
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  • Trying to set SNMP ACL - An error occurred while trying to set access list

    Hi All, Trying to enable SNMP on NetVanta 1234P with 11.10 Firmware. I can setup the SNMP community string and ACL with issue.  However when I try and apply the ACL to Community string I get:   "An error ...
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  • Help setting up  netvanta 1234 to default config

    need help; Have used netvanta 1234 with unknown  ip address. I have bypassed password. I have been unable to connect to ftp site to download default config file. Is there a link that I can get this file or in...
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  • Updating a new NetVanta 1238 to latest version

    I have a new NetVanta 1238.  My current firmware version is R11.2.0.   Can I update directly to the latest or do I have to update incrementally?   Also, where can I find instructions on how to upd...
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  • Netflow data from Netvanta 1238 switch

    Can I get Netflow data forwarded from a Netvanta 1238 switch to NagiosNA   Part Number 1702599G1 Serial Number LBADTN1443AA338
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  • how to set a login banner on 1234 switch

    Trying to figure out how to set a login banner when logging in to the switch?
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  • SYN attact port 80

    Lately I have been having to reboot Adtran 1224R's due to a SYN attack on port 80 and the switch stops passing traffic. I support several of these switches and it is pretty much across the board on all of them. I have...
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