• Configure QoS on 1238P

    Hello,   When configuring QoS on a 1335 or 1638, we have the following commands:   qos queue-type wrr 25 25 25 expedite qos dscp-cos 46 to 7   Then on each port we issue the qos trust cos command i...
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  • Help setting up  netvanta 1234 to default config

    need help; Have used netvanta 1234 with unknown  ip address. I have bypassed password. I have been unable to connect to ftp site to download default config file. Is there a link that I can get this file or in...
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  • Netvanta 1224STR Backup/failover T1

    I am working on adding some redundancy to a number of our sites.  We have two styles of backhaul: T1 and Ethernet (VLAN over Charter Fiber).   T1: I have two T1's into a dual T1 card on a 1224STR.  Ho...
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  • Email attachment issues 1234 PoE

    We have about 10 NetVanta 1224st's in our network serving end users and their IP phones and they have been working great.  Last year we got a newer 1234 POE and have found a really strange issue with it.  An...
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  • can anyone tell me the maximum number of VLANS a netvanta will support

    I understand that the VLAN range is from 1 to 4095 but I am interested in the total number of different VLANs I can be operating on a the ports of a switch.  as a second question, I have downloaded the AOS featur...
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  • VPN and QOS

    We have a few Adtran 3448s ( setup to VPN to our Adtran 1335 ( at office. We use the VPN to connect home ATAs to our PBX so we can have a home phone line. We are experiencing intermittent v...
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  • Rate Shaping on NV 1234?

    I'm trying to create a rate shaper for customers using Internet access in a MDU and/or dormitory environment.  For instance 20Mbps/5Mbps.  Is there a way to do this on the 1234?  We're also using a NV 4...
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