• Issue with router not forwarding DHCP request to the IP helper address

    We have an office with a Netvanta 1238 with a VLAN trunk port connected to an 802.1Q interface on an Adtran 900e. The 900e interface has sub-interfaces for each of the VLANS configured on the 1238. Each sub-interface ...
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  • Upgrade firmware procedure

    I'm currently running N1224RA-09-02-00.biz firmware code, I'd like to upgrade to N1224RA-13-15-00.biz - Any known issues? When upgrading to 13-15-00.biz should i set it to "backup boot system" and see if that works be...
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  • Configuring non T1 wan

    I'm sure this has been asked and answered many times but I could not find anything in a quick search.   I've inherited a simple network that had a T1, connected to the WAN-T1 port on the back of a NetVanta 1224R...
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  • How do I confiugre a Netvanta 1234POE to have a Data and Voice Vlan and also do DHCP for both vlan.

    How do I confiugre a Netvanta 1234POE to have a Data and Voice Vlan and also do DHCP for both vlan.
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  • Adding second switch 1238 POE 1703599 Gen3

    I have existing 1238 POE installed (Switch1) and wanted to daisy chain a new 1238 (Switch2)  by connecting Gig ports.  I connected my gig port on switch 1 to gig port on switch2 with Cat6.    ...
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  • 1234 Layer 3 switch routing question

    I'll start by saying I'm not a network admin, just thrown into this on. I have a 1234 L3 lite switch that I'm trying to use to get to subnets to talk together.  Here is what I have   Sub A
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  • Will the 1234P support multiple active VLAN's?

    Will the newer 1234P (Model#1703595G1) support multiple active VLAN's? I have the older model (1702595G1) in my office and I know it will only allow one active VLAN at a time.   thanks Derek
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  • How to connect 1224st to internet

    Greetings, My first post here... I have  a T1 gateway, Cisco 1941, with 2 ethernet ports. One is connected to my ASA 5505 which serves the 'inside' network. The inside network communicates to the internet via t...
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  • Need help with 1224R T1 issue

    I have a 1224R I bought used. I should be clear that I'm used to Cisco gear and some of the older Adtran CSU/DSU's from days gone by. Trying to get a new T1 up but it keeps throwing alarms and dropping briefly. Pings ...
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  • 1224str to act strictly as a L2 switch how to?

    Hello All,   I have a 1224str pwr switch with several vlans uplinking to cisco router. Yes, I know the adtran I have can act as a firewall/router. The Cisco (Meraki) is an addon. We didn't see the need to replac...
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  • Routing quesion.  Please don't laugh

    I have done these about a hundred times but I have just this one that is causing me grief.  Two subnets  VLAN 1 and VLAN 2 for VoIP.  The customer has a firewall on VLAN 1 10.9...
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  • VLAN routing to internet

    Hello everyone!   I am currently setting up a new network and wanted to make sure it is being done in the best way as this is my first time working on a NetVanta 1234P and I am having issues with routing   ...
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  • 1224R rules default to Router Management only

    Am I missing something?  I have multiple external addresses which are entered.  I create a new rule to forward ports to a security DVR system and it seems that any rule just defaults to router management ove...
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  • Netvanta 1224STR Backup/failover T1

    I am working on adding some redundancy to a number of our sites.  We have two styles of backhaul: T1 and Ethernet (VLAN over Charter Fiber).   T1: I have two T1's into a dual T1 card on a 1224STR.  Ho...
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  • What T1 interface card to use

    We have three new 1234 switches.  We note these have four slots for interfaces other than Ethernet.  We would like to use them to replace CISCO 1840's in our network which provide a router function between l...
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  • 1224R internet connections getting time outs

    having to refresh on the internet connection quite often. causing a problem with EDI connection along with simple task such as entering orders online.   I have a local Bonded DSL connection that is not part of ...
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  • Help setting up  netvanta 1234

    I would like to set up two static WAN address from one modem connected to COX ISP       Both need to be routed to two separate LAN's with different port forwarding and all QOS service managed by one Ne...
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  • 1230 gen 2 L3 switching?

    new guide "Configuring Layer 3 Switching in AOS" gives the impression that the 1234/1238 gen 2 can intervlan route... Is that correct?
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  • Urgent help needed.

    We recently changed our network over to managed AT&T MPLS. But our Internet connection is not with AT&T not to mention our firewall, and VPN are the Netvanta 1224R's work load.   Problem is, I am having...
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  • Newbie needs helps. Thanks

    I've been given a Netvanta 1224R. this is my first managed switch. I was hoping just to replace an old unmanaged switch with that one. not as easy as it is.   I've been given a lots of reading material on a CD...
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