• vlan ip address stopped working

    I have a 1224R used as a switch. The vlan 1 ip address stopped being reachable. I want to know when I console cable into the switch, and go to enable mode. I will first do a show interface vlan 1 status To determin...
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  • Netvanta 1238P 48-port switch (3rd Gen) no PoE on ports 25-48.

    I was in the process of migrating all connections from a 24 port Adtran Netvanta 1200 series switch over to a Netvanta 1238 48-Port switch, but once I filled up the 1st 24 ports, the other half of the switch was not w...
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  • POE system reset on 1238 with R11.4.4

    Hi all,   We're using a lot of NetVanta 1238 PoE switches, running AOS R11.4.4 for some reason. A fairly frequent issue is that the POE system think too much power is drawn and restarts itself: 27-09-2019 13:2...
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  • FDB or MAC Address Table

    Hi,   How do you find and/or list the MAC address table on a Adtran NetVanta 1234 or 1534 series?  That is, what AOS commands should be used to display the MAC addresses on the switch (interfaces).  I ...
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  • How to push firmware from N-Command to 1234 behind router

    Hi All,   I was wondering in the example setup below if it is possible to have N-Command push firmware directly to the switch behind a router.   Setup: Adtran 6355 > Adtran 1234 POE
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  • firmware update for Netvant1234P 1702595G1 running  on XB.01.00  with 9702599-B01.biz   fan noise

    need link to download firmware forfan noise. firmware update for Netvant1234P 1702595G1 running  on XB.01.00  with 9702599-B01.biz   fan noise
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  • Netvanta 1234P switch stops providing power to Shoretel phones?

    We have several of the Gen2 switches in our network that provide power to our Shoretel phones, along with data and voice vlans. Occasionally, at one site, our phones will go down and a reboot of the netvanta will brin...
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  • Netvanta 1234 POE Slow access / inaccessible

    Recently ended up with one of these used.  I did the full factory reset via CLI and enabled the GUI interface and also the FTP server to upload the current firmware.  Only my laptop is connected to it via et...
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  • Issue with router not forwarding DHCP request to the IP helper address

    We have an office with a Netvanta 1238 with a VLAN trunk port connected to an 802.1Q interface on an Adtran 900e. The 900e interface has sub-interfaces for each of the VLANS configured on the 1238. Each sub-interface ...
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  • NV 1234P w/ Cisco Aironet 1830 APs

    Even though both devices state support of 802.3af POE and 100M Ethernet ports - Cisco TAC is stating they require a 1000M port and 802.3at. Has anyone been successful with this type deployment?
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  • IPv6 crossing VLANs?

    Hi, we have a Netvanta 1238 PoE 1st Gen. and it's allowing DHCP for IPv6 between VLANs, how do I prevent IPv6 from crossing VLANs?
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  • netvanta 1224r logs

    My netvanta 1224r will periodically 7-10 days reboot itself.  How come this is happening, and how do I view the logs? Once a week our L2 switch 1224r is rebooting. I've done a show -event-history and here is res...
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  • How do I upload and install factory default config file on a NetVanta 1238

    I have downloaded the factory default config file (default-config-123x.cfg) from the Support section. I performed a factory reset using CLI but still cannot access the GUI following all the instructions step by step. ...
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  • Netvanta 1238 not working all lights blinking

    I have two Netvanta 1238s that boot to all lights blinking every second and is unusable.  Connecting with console shows nothing and I've left it powered on this way for a few days.  Anyone knows what this me...
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  • Netvanta 1224ST upgrade

    Hello - We would like to upgrade our Adtran Netvanta 1224st switches to gigabit. We have an Adtran VOIP system. What is the current Adtran switch model and will my current configs work? Thanks Leo
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  • Looking for where you configure auto MDI-X on the 1238? Is this just on by default on all ports?

    I haven't been able to find documentation on enabling auto MDI-X on the netvanta 1238. Is this enabled by default on all ports? Thanks,
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  • NetVanta 1234 P

    I need some help connecting to this switch and changing the default IP over to a new IP that will fit with out Network.  I am using PuTTY and an SSH session but that is even now not wanting to communic...
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  • Netvanta 1234 POE

    why do all my Adtran netvanta 1234 switches, (there are 4), have the same serial number when I do a show version? Platform: NetVanta 1234 PoE, part number 1703595G1 Serial number 211 Flash: 33554432 bytes  DRA...
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  • How do I confiugre a Netvanta 1234POE to have a Data and Voice Vlan and also do DHCP for both vlan.

    How do I confiugre a Netvanta 1234POE to have a Data and Voice Vlan and also do DHCP for both vlan.
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  • Adtran 1234P stop providing poe on all ports

    I have an adtran switch (1703595G1) that stops providing poe on all ports.  Tried rebooting and that didn't fix the problem.  Current firmware is R11-02.  Any thoughts?
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