• Port  mirror destination missing

    I've come across a strange occurrence that I'm having trouble explaining.   I manage a Netvanta 1238p switch for a client that needs a single port to be mirrored to a single destination.  Twice now, the...
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  • vlan ip address stopped working

    I have a 1224R used as a switch. The vlan 1 ip address stopped being reachable. I want to know when I console cable into the switch, and go to enable mode. I will first do a show interface vlan 1 status To determin...
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  • nCommand will not push firmware

      I am receiving this message every time I try to push firmware to a device. Please advise.
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  • Netvanta 1238P 48-port switch (3rd Gen) no PoE on ports 25-48.

    I was in the process of migrating all connections from a 24 port Adtran Netvanta 1200 series switch over to a Netvanta 1238 48-Port switch, but once I filled up the 1st 24 ports, the other half of the switch was not w...
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  • POE system reset on 1238 with R11.4.4

    Hi all,   We're using a lot of NetVanta 1238 PoE switches, running AOS R11.4.4 for some reason. A fairly frequent issue is that the POE system think too much power is drawn and restarts itself: 27-09-2019 13:2...
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  • Updating running config using snmp

    I am using an NetVanta 1238 PoE running OS version     Is there is any way to update the running config of the switch using just snmp tftp?   I am able to do this with other vendors l...
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  • FDB or MAC Address Table

    Hi,   How do you find and/or list the MAC address table on a Adtran NetVanta 1234 or 1534 series?  That is, what AOS commands should be used to display the MAC addresses on the switch (interfaces).  I ...
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  • end of life information for netvanta1235 & other Adtran devices

    I'm looking for a list of EOL/EOS Adtran products, but can't find a useful list of EOL announcements on Adtran's site.   I work for a service provider so searching by individual serial number isn't feasible....
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  • 1238P not reserving DHCP across reboots

    I just installed a 1238P switch.  The DHCP server is not giving out the same address across reboots. I have the persistence option checked in GUI and checked config to be sure it is there. The switch is running...
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  • How to push firmware from N-Command to 1234 behind router

    Hi All,   I was wondering in the example setup below if it is possible to have N-Command push firmware directly to the switch behind a router.   Setup: Adtran 6355 > Adtran 1234 POE
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  • NetVanta 1234/1238

    We have 4 NetVanta 1238 switches that have been sitting on the shelf since 10/2015 when we migrated to fully managed services and gear (besides workstations).  I just checked and the original limited lifetime war...
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  • VLans on 1234P

    We have two VLans configured -- a staff(default) and guest(90).  We need both of them to connect to Unifi AP-Pro so need to have both VLans go the respective ports.  So I was trying to group the two together...
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  • Dual Wan access issues

    I have a 1335 that is working primarily with Comcast but I have a T1 provider as backup, I have a secondary Vlan coonfigured with IP address but I cannot access the device remotely using the secondary T1 IP, Im not su...
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  • Can you export a config file from a 1238P and import to a 1638P?

    We currently use NetVanta 1238P switches. We'd like to move to gigabit switches. Can we export the config from our 1238P and import into a 1638P?
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  • Having issues making 2 VLANS work on same 1238 switch.

    This should be very simple but it isn't working for me.   I am trying to get 2 VLANs setup on a 1238 VLAN1 is data and VLAN 2 is for voice. DHCP is provided to both VLANs by the switch.   Con...
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  • firmware update for Netvant1234P 1702595G1 running  on XB.01.00  with 9702599-B01.biz   fan noise

    need link to download firmware forfan noise. firmware update for Netvant1234P 1702595G1 running  on XB.01.00  with 9702599-B01.biz   fan noise
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  • Can't sign on to Netvanta 1234P

    I have been trying to config a guest network using a Ubiquiti USG 3p router, AP AC Pro's, and the 1234P switch.  Trying to use vlan for the guest and was doing some config and experimenting on the switch.  I...
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  • Netvanta 1234P switch stops providing power to Shoretel phones?

    We have several of the Gen2 switches in our network that provide power to our Shoretel phones, along with data and voice vlans. Occasionally, at one site, our phones will go down and a reboot of the netvanta will brin...
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  • Netvanta 1234 POE Slow access / inaccessible

    Recently ended up with one of these used.  I did the full factory reset via CLI and enabled the GUI interface and also the FTP server to upload the current firmware.  Only my laptop is connected to it via et...
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  • Issue with router not forwarding DHCP request to the IP helper address

    We have an office with a Netvanta 1238 with a VLAN trunk port connected to an 802.1Q interface on an Adtran 900e. The 900e interface has sub-interfaces for each of the VLANS configured on the 1238. Each sub-interface ...
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