• How to configure VRRP on an adtran 1335

    I need to know how to configure VRRP on an adtran 1335 using OS:OS version
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  • 1335P with 2 ISPs

    Support,   I'm setting up a 1335 with 2 ISPs and I need some assistance on this.   ISP 1 (Verizon DSL) - Will be used as primary connection for GRE tunnels leading back to another site which connects to t...
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  • Bridging DR Site

    We're in the process of designing our new Disaster Recovery site and we utilize Adtran NetVanta 1335s (v18 AOS).  We have 11 sites that use BGP over Metro Ethernet and/or MPLS.  Is it possible to set up a br...
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  • Two 1335s, one ISP each, one http proxy server. Help please...

    Hello All   I hope you can help me with this:   I need PC users from both 1335s to use the http proxy located in one of them in order to access the Internet.        I have one 13...
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