• vlan QoS priority over ports

    We use Adtrans for our voip trunk/phone installs. Most of the time the customer already has a IT company and its a lot easier just for us to install a adtran to control for the phone service instead of getting the exi...
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  • traffic-shape rate 10000000 is only for traffic exiting the vlan, not internal vlan traffic, right?

    I saw this: https://supportforums.adtran.com/thread/1383  and I have a question.  We have a symmetrical 10Mbps internet connection.  I think at times we may be exceeding that outbound.  At that tim...
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  • NetVanta 1335P and VDSL2

    Adtran supports NetVanta NIMs for a number of different circuits, including: ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+; full or fractional T1s; full or fractional E1; SHDSL (Annex A). Is there a VDSL2-compliant NIM for the NetVanta 1335...
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  • static and dropped calls

    After upgrading from a 1224str to a 1335 we have intermediate static and dropped calls. We basically brought over the 1224str config, as is, to the 1335. The phone system is a ShoreTel system. All calls stay on the V...
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  • RTP Monitoring on Hosted PBX

    We love the Adtan RTP monitoring feature, and it works well especially for voice calls through FXS and PRI ports on the Adtran AOS devices. It gives us detailed call records showing the quality of the call, incoming n...
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  • QoS On Netvanta 1335 for Hosted SIP PBX

    We have a Netvanta 1335 we want to use with a hosted SIP provider and a Comcast Business Internet Connection. We will be using Polycom VVX phones.   The speed of the Comcast internet connection is 16 Mbps Downl...
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  • QoS on a Access Port

    Is it possible to setup QoS on egress traffic leaving an access port? Obviously qos trust cos will not work on a access port to classify traffic coming into the port, but if I use a DSCP to COS mapping and mark traffi...
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