• 1to1 NAT nor port forwarding working properly from WAN to LAN on single secondary IP

    I have a 1335 that works very well and has responded appropriately for all other rules, on any of the other IPs, to all of their respective devices, whether 1to1 NAT or port forward.  The LAN side of our network ...
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  • 1335 Fails to Get DHCP From Arris Modem

    I'm attempting to connect a NV 1335 to a Charter/Spectrum cable modem Arris Tm1602.  This is just a modem, not a router, so there are no settings in it.  I previously had a Netgear router connected to the mo...
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  • Unable to acces security camera DVR from outside the Netvanta 1335

    I have attempted to setup a nailed connection of IP address through the VLANs to access the security camera DVR.  I am unable to access or ping the address from outside the office network VLAN.  I can access...
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  • Why can't I enable UDP relay on Port 11430?

    Folks:   Can anyone think of a reason I would be preventing from establishing a UDP relay for port 11430 in particular?  The AOS Command Reference Guide says that any port can be specified, and this guide g...
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  • NetVanta 1335 will not pick up DHCP ip address from TW modem

    TW modem is connected to giga-switchport 0/2 - in red - also vlan 101 is the pull from TWC Modem connected to laptop work just fain. I did try no lldp send-and-receive - with no success.   Here is the config: ...
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  • Can I configure a 1335 to support a primary broadband internet circuit that is non-static?

    I want to configure a 1335 for a small office environment and their only internet pipe is a broadband cable connection that is non-static.   Our experience has been that once a router at this location is install...
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  • NetVanta 1335P and VDSL2

    Adtran supports NetVanta NIMs for a number of different circuits, including: ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+; full or fractional T1s; full or fractional E1; SHDSL (Annex A). Is there a VDSL2-compliant NIM for the NetVanta 1335...
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  • DHCP Server Debug Errors - What do they mean?

    While responding to an issue for a client that had a Polycom IPphone that would't get an IP address, I enabled DHCP SERVER DEBUG.  The Polycom phone issue was attributed to an auto negotiation issue, but I noted ...
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  • 1335 DNS Open Resolver

    I have a 1335 as my main router, and my ISP is saying I have a DNS Open Resolver on my WAN address. I have the Proxy DNS checked and have all my machines resolve to the 1335. Do I have to reconfigure everything to use...
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  • Traceroute works, ping fails

    I am having a strange problem We have multiple NetVantas (Layer 3 and layer 2) that feed to a main switch (1335).   From the main switch (1335) I can ping and traceroute to all addresses. From the switches that...
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  • DNS Workstation hostname resolution: 1335

    1335 I noticed the other day when I setup the DHCP server on a 1335, once a client acquired an IP, the Hostname of the workstation was resolved. Is there a way, within the 1335 AOS to resolve hostnames of connected w...
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  • maximum number of VRRP's allowed in a 1335

    I have two 1335's that I want to implement VRRP on.  Based upon the configuration guide (VRRP for AOS), it states that there can be two VRRP routers per interface (page 3).  Also it appears to define an inte...
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  • flushing arp cache

    - Will rebooting flush the arp cache? - What is the default arp cache age time out? - Can an arp entry be statically entered so it will never be aged out of cache?
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  • Two 1335s, one ISP each, one http proxy server. Help please...

    Hello All   I hope you can help me with this:   I need PC users from both 1335s to use the http proxy located in one of them in order to access the Internet.        I have one 13...
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