• Unable to acces security camera DVR from outside the Netvanta 1335

    I have attempted to setup a nailed connection of IP address through the VLANs to access the security camera DVR.  I am unable to access or ping the address from outside the office network VLAN.  I can access...
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  • NetVanta 1335 will not pick up DHCP ip address from TW modem

    TW modem is connected to giga-switchport 0/2 - in red - also vlan 101 is the pull from TWC Modem connected to laptop work just fain. I did try no lldp send-and-receive - with no success.   Here is the config: ...
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  • After applying config web gui on netvanta 1335 wont come up - any ideas how to get it back?

    I have a netvanta 1335 that is failing and I have a backup netvanta 1335. When I applied the config from the failing netvanta 1335 to the spare I am unable to reach the Web UI but the config does seem to have sticked ...
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  • Can I configure a 1335 to support a primary broadband internet circuit that is non-static?

    I want to configure a 1335 for a small office environment and their only internet pipe is a broadband cable connection that is non-static.   Our experience has been that once a router at this location is install...
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  • 1335P with 2 ISPs

    Support,   I'm setting up a 1335 with 2 ISPs and I need some assistance on this.   ISP 1 (Verizon DSL) - Will be used as primary connection for GRE tunnels leading back to another site which connects to t...
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  • NetVanta 1335P and VDSL2

    Adtran supports NetVanta NIMs for a number of different circuits, including: ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+; full or fractional T1s; full or fractional E1; SHDSL (Annex A). Is there a VDSL2-compliant NIM for the NetVanta 1335...
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  • static and dropped calls

    After upgrading from a 1224str to a 1335 we have intermediate static and dropped calls. We basically brought over the 1224str config, as is, to the 1335. The phone system is a ShoreTel system. All calls stay on the V...
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  • Traceroute works, ping fails

    I am having a strange problem We have multiple NetVantas (Layer 3 and layer 2) that feed to a main switch (1335).   From the main switch (1335) I can ping and traceroute to all addresses. From the switches that...
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  • Sharing internet access on vlan

    Hi! I have adtran 1355 how do i share the internet access on vlans? can't reach the internet. this is my setup.   modem/router -- adtran switch   router ip add is /24   switch eth 0/0 19...
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  • User VPN to MS RAS drops in 1 min after crossing NetVanta1335

    Hi Community, I have users in a remote branch that are having an issue maintaining a VPN connection back to HQ.  The client (both XP and Windows 7,) establish a VPN connection back to our Microsoft Remote Access...
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  • My 1534 is disconnecting vlans across a trunk to a 1234PoE

    I have a 1534 and a 1234 PoE connected together with two SFP ports in a port-channel. I have a number of vlans, one is a admin vlan that all my equipment is connected to for admin. All my switches and servers use a ad...
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  • S2S VPN to Cisco ASA won't connect

    Trying to configure a S2S VPN with Cisco ASA but keep getting errors on the Adtran:   CRYPTO_IKE.NEGOTIATION peer InLength differs from IsakmpHdr field length 1368 !=   Looked all around and h...
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  • QoS on a Access Port

    Is it possible to setup QoS on egress traffic leaving an access port? Obviously qos trust cos will not work on a access port to classify traffic coming into the port, but if I use a DSCP to COS mapping and mark traffi...
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  • Aggregation link with Netgear switch / giga port errors

    I am having issues with voip calls missing audio, and while investigating it I found the following in the log files:   2013.03.27 09:00:35 ETHERNET_INTERFACE.giga-swx 0/2 is no longer compatible with giga-swx 0/...
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  • Performance netvanta 1335 utilizing nat and access-lists

    Currently we have netvanta 1335 connected to internet utilizing 7mb/768kb adsl. The netvanta 1335 is utilizing nat and access-list which means all is punted to processor. CPU is running at 40 to 50% when circuit is b...
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  • flushing arp cache

    - Will rebooting flush the arp cache? - What is the default arp cache age time out? - Can an arp entry be statically entered so it will never be aged out of cache?
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  • Aggregation Link with Netgear Switch

    I am having a issue with link aggregation with a netgear prosafe GSM7224. (the adtran is a 1234, and I have that trunked to a 1335) I have the link up and running (2 fiber ports) but the stats keep showing symbol erro...
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  • Asymmetrical routing

    Would this be considered Asymmetrical routing?   I have a router configured with two sub-interfaces, one sub-interface configured for each VLAN configured on a Adtran 1335 switch. The Adtran 1335 is the gateway ...
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  • Port Security For device plugged into phone

    Hello,   I am trying to enable basic port security that permits a phone but denies anything else either plugged into the passthrough on the phone or direct to the wall.  The configuration below successfully...
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  • 1335 Port Security

    I have one 1335 and 2 1224s hanging off the defualt vlan. Every time I enable port security and sticky mac, regardless if there is even a mac address assosicated with the port, the port locks down when I try and ping ...
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