• Home Lab with 2 1335s that worked over EVPL

    I have been trying very hard not to waste anyone's time, but my searches have left me shaking my head.   I have replicated two ADTRAN 1335's (by backing up and uploading the config) on our company EVPL network.&...
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  • Fiber Connection Between two 1335's

    Hello,   I currently have a point-to-point connection between two branches via a pair of T1's and and two Adtran 1335's. I am trying to get that point-to-point to a fiber connection. The fiber is already in plac...
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  • Setting up routing on 1335 with Mediacom Cable modem

    I am trying to set up my 1335 as my core switch/ router. I followed the instructions from Configuring Ethernet Broadband Internet Access in AOS Integrated Switch_Router Products, but it's not picking up an IP from my ...
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  • IPSEC Site to Site with a Ubiquiti XSFP

    I am trying to get a VPN to work between a Netvanta 1335 and a Ubiquiti XSFP. I have everything set, but it will not come up. Phase 1 and Phase 2 match, but I get the following in the debug -     2018.04.1...
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  • Does the 1335 (1700525e2) support ipv6?

    Does the 1335 (1700525e2) support ipv6? I have R13.2.0.E firmware. None of the ipv6 related commands seem to be available from the CLI or GUI
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  • 1to1 NAT nor port forwarding working properly from WAN to LAN on single secondary IP

    I have a 1335 that works very well and has responded appropriately for all other rules, on any of the other IPs, to all of their respective devices, whether 1to1 NAT or port forward.  The LAN side of our network ...
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  • Good Morning, Have an out of warranty 1335 running up to date firmware that is creating more frequent exception reports.

    Core: R12.3.2.E\source/Kernel/Private/Arch/PowerPC-8260/IsrHandler.cpp#280: AdFatal(DMMU: Dadr=0x00000010, Iadr=0x011FA678: No permission to read.  StackTrc:  011FA678 005FFA08 00E812B4 0103F8A4 011E5814 011...
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  • ACL wizard cleanup

    I'm curious of something...   When you use the Firewall Wizard on the web interface to set it up, the run config looks something like this:   ip access-list extended wizard-pfwd-1   remark Port 8...
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  • Configuration to have ACL deny act like iptables REJECT instead of DROP?

    Currently we are using Adtran 1335's in the field as simple router / firewall combos on secured networks.  What we are looking for is to change the default behavior of our firewall ACLs so that the Adtran doesn't...
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  • IPsec VPN

    Hi Guys,   I am currently having an issue with my IPsec VPN between a Netvanta 1335 and Netvanta 2400. I have few phones that are sitting behind the Netvanta 1335 and a PBX server sitting behind the Netvanta 24...
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  • 1335 Fails to Get DHCP From Arris Modem

    I'm attempting to connect a NV 1335 to a Charter/Spectrum cable modem Arris Tm1602.  This is just a modem, not a router, so there are no settings in it.  I previously had a Netgear router connected to the mo...
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  • Configuring 1335 for WAN Failover with Dynamic IPs

    I've followed the guide at Configuring WAN Failover with Network Monitor in AOS , and looked at these discussions:  Static Route vs Network Monitor and Configuring WAN Failover with Network Monitor .  Howeve...
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  • Bandwidth or Traffic Shaping statement for a VLAN associated with a WAN interface for an FE circuit? (w/QoS as well)

    Currently we are using the Bandwidth statement on a VLAN associated with a WAN interface on a NET 1335 running R11.5. We are using this on our QoS Maps as well. I am wondering if it would be better, overall, to place ...
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  • Netvanta 1335 getting hammered by 100%CPU, seens to be related to ntpd

    Howdy, I'm looking for a way to bidirectionally pass all traffic to/from our inside VLAN1 (the 10.10.10.x lan) and VLAN 2 (which has public IP addresses from an advertised /26) to our upstream provider on VLAN21, but ...
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  • Netvanta 1335 PoE cant ping or enter GUI until power cycle then can for 30 minutes or so to an hours then same thing.

    Down loaded the config last time I power cycled device. The switch seems to be still working for the most part but cannot get to any of the Vlan interfaces on the switch but the all the devices on the switch seem to w...
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  • Unable to acces security camera DVR from outside the Netvanta 1335

    I have attempted to setup a nailed connection of IP address through the VLANs to access the security camera DVR.  I am unable to access or ping the address from outside the office network VLAN.  I can access...
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  • vlan QoS priority over ports

    We use Adtrans for our voip trunk/phone installs. Most of the time the customer already has a IT company and its a lot easier just for us to install a adtran to control for the phone service instead of getting the exi...
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  • Inherited a AdTran Netvanta 1335 1700515G2#120 but not sure how to get access?

    I inherited this unit as part of an office. I have phones coming in that need to run through this device as well. I am not sure how to configure it. I have Comcast business as an internet connection. Can anyone point ...
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  • Why can't I enable UDP relay on Port 11430?

    Folks:   Can anyone think of a reason I would be preventing from establishing a UDP relay for port 11430 in particular?  The AOS Command Reference Guide says that any port can be specified, and this guide g...
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  • NetVanta 1335 will not pick up DHCP ip address from TW modem

    TW modem is connected to giga-switchport 0/2 - in red - also vlan 101 is the pull from TWC Modem connected to laptop work just fain. I did try no lldp send-and-receive - with no success.   Here is the config: ...
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