• Creating object-groups or group-objects

    Any one had ever implemented or found alternative to create group-objects or object-groups in any of the NetVanta Router/Switch family? Please advice. Thanks
    created by rao
  • Need Help configuring FQDN on router - same as Cisco IOS 8.4+ above

    I have tried URL filter configuration using urlfilter allow mode for http working fine, But no restriction for https is old AOS.   I am curious to find if there is any advancement in AOS in later versions like ...
    created by rao
  • 1335 NAT Private/Public Question

    I have an Adtran 1335 configured with a VLAN for WAN connectivity and multiple private VLANs.  Applying the wizard, it asks which interfaces want access out to the internet and I selected all that applied......an...
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  • After applying config web gui on netvanta 1335 wont come up - any ideas how to get it back?

    I have a netvanta 1335 that is failing and I have a backup netvanta 1335. When I applied the config from the failing netvanta 1335 to the spare I am unable to reach the Web UI but the config does seem to have sticked ...
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  • Help with Software upgrade

    1335 running When I look at the software release versions They are all 11.  What is the upgrade path? Or do we just have software from the future?
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  • Can I configure a 1335 to support a primary broadband internet circuit that is non-static?

    I want to configure a 1335 for a small office environment and their only internet pipe is a broadband cable connection that is non-static.   Our experience has been that once a router at this location is install...
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  • IPSEC VPN tunnel can only ping routers on both sides

    Hello, I have been at this for a day and can not figure out why I cannot get this VPN tunnel to work.  1335 on my side, 3120 on the other side.  I have tried in aggressive and main mode.  IKE works, IP...
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  • 1335 ARP Issue with Cisco COX Cable Modem

    Good morning Adtran world!   I am having an intermittent (seems to happen about every 2-3 weeks) issue with my client loosing all internet connectivity (Layer 2-7) at what seem to be random times. The "fix" is t...
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  • How to configure VRRP on an adtran 1335

    I need to know how to configure VRRP on an adtran 1335 using OS:OS version
    created by mosheshulman
  • traffic-shape rate 10000000 is only for traffic exiting the vlan, not internal vlan traffic, right?

    I saw this: https://supportforums.adtran.com/thread/1383  and I have a question.  We have a symmetrical 10Mbps internet connection.  I think at times we may be exceeding that outbound.  At that tim...
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  • Block port 25 from all computers except server on nat configured interface

    I would like to block all outbound traffic originating from port 25 for all computers on the network except the server which is supposed to be relaying SMTP email. I expected this to be fairly easy, just add a traffic...
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  • Can't assign IP to port forward

    Hello,   We have a NetVanta 1335 PoE for our small office building which is connected to computers, printers and IP phones.   We changed ISP and now I can't assign the new static IP address. As soon as I c...
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  • 1335 w/wifi 503:server error

    Hello,   I'm getting this error "503: server error" when configuring the wifi and security settings for the netvanta 1335 w/wifi.   Any settings that are modified here, after clicking on apply, simple get ...
    last modified by lovo
  • 1335P with 2 ISPs

    Support,   I'm setting up a 1335 with 2 ISPs and I need some assistance on this.   ISP 1 (Verizon DSL) - Will be used as primary connection for GRE tunnels leading back to another site which connects to t...
    last modified by javiermp40
  • VPN Setup b/w 2 1335p

    I am trying to setup a VPN between two NetVanta 1335p units and am having trouble.  I am referencing the "Configuring a VPN using Main Mode in AOS" document.  I am able to ping between both sites public IPs....
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  • NetVanta 1335P and VDSL2

    Adtran supports NetVanta NIMs for a number of different circuits, including: ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+; full or fractional T1s; full or fractional E1; SHDSL (Annex A). Is there a VDSL2-compliant NIM for the NetVanta 1335...
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  • my 1335 and 7100 both give me the message below - what does it mean

    housero1# 2014.11.29 16:58:07 OPERATING_SYSTEM.EXCEPTION New exception reports detected, Emailing... 2014.11.29 16:58:09 OPERATING_SYSTEM.EXCEPTION New HTTP error reports detected, Emailing... 2014.11.29 17:03:08 O...
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  • static and dropped calls

    After upgrading from a 1224str to a 1335 we have intermediate static and dropped calls. We basically brought over the 1224str config, as is, to the 1335. The phone system is a ShoreTel system. All calls stay on the V...
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  • configuring DHCP Server in a VRRP environment

    I have two 1335 configured with multiple VLANs operating in a VRRP environment.I would like to use these servers to preform the DHCP function.  How do I set up these servers so that they do not have a conflict?
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  • DHCP Server Debug Errors - What do they mean?

    While responding to an issue for a client that had a Polycom IPphone that would't get an IP address, I enabled DHCP SERVER DEBUG.  The Polycom phone issue was attributed to an auto negotiation issue, but I noted ...
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