• NV 1131 - Alternate Power Supply

    This statement and the supporting diagram seems to be a bit misleading:   Alternate Power Supply The NetVanta 1131 RPS/EPS unit provides redundant power feeds via an alternate AC power circuit. In this instance,...
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  • How to Radius Windows Server 8 R2?

    Hi, i want to configure port auth for wired computers in my network:   Windows Server R2 64BIT Roles: 1 - Active Directory Certificate Services 2 - Active Directory Domain Services 3 - DNS server 4 - Networ...
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  • Why does my switch keep dropping connection to my firewall?

    I have a Dell Sonicwall that becomes unreachable multiple times a day. The problem only lasts for about thirty seconds on average. There are three interconnected netvanta 1531's after the sonicwall and the "middle" sw...
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  • What's the best way to connect two ActivChassis stacks together?

    We have nine switches and it’s becoming very cumbersome to manage them all separately, so I am converting to stacking with ActivChassis. Problem is that ActivChassis only supports eight switches, so I am creatin...
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  • How to use ActivChassis for HA?

    Would like to attach VM Servers to ActivChassis and be able to maintain 100% connectivity to server if switch fails or firmware updates.  Looking for insight with if this is a valid use case for ActivChassis. ...
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  • Creating port-channels in an active-chassis stack

    We have four Netvana 1638 stacks using active-chassis. I will have two 10Gig uplinks, one from top switch in a stack and one from bottom switch in the same stack, to two redundant core switches. Can I put these two po...
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  • Routing between Dell 6248 and Netvanta1638P

    Hi all-   First off I'd like to start off with that I have searched through the articles on these forums and can not for the life of me get the routing to work for the multiple vlans I have currently set up. ...
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  • GUI won't load after firmware update...

    Hello again,   So I've updated the firmware on my NetVanta 1544 and while the switch is up, the GUI won't load. I get a notification that the certificate is bad, but when I click on continue, all I get is a spin...
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  • VRRP Quick Question

    Looking to implement VRRP on two Adtran 1638 switches.  These will uplink to a Cisco router to our MPLS network.  My question is what would my configuration look like ?   I can handle the VRRP portion...
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  • vrrp with OSPF with an ISP MPLS and Fortinet 110C Active / Active Cluster

    using vrrp with two 1544 G2 switches   setup vrrp and it is working fine example config (have about 15 vlans, but 2 examples should do)   Master 1544G2 interface vlan 11   description Printers VLAN...
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  • Best Practices for connecting multiple VMWare ESX 4.1 server ports to NetVanta switches.

    Looking for real world guidance for interconnecting VM Esx 4.1 Virtual Switches to Adtran switches.  Would like to dual connect virtual switches to two different Adtran switches.  Have one path primary and o...
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  • Policy based routing on a 1638?

    We have four 1638P switches.  Two of the four are currently running VRRP.  We have a default route from these 1638s to our firewall which routes out to our primary internet connection.  However, we woul...
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  • STP and Redundant Paths, Is there a method for prioritizing path?

    I have a Netvanta 1544F that serves as the VLAN switch in the network. It is connected via fiber to eight Netvanta 1534 L2 switches. Each switch is connected point to point with the 1544F. There is an existing wireles...
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  • complex network design, help needed please...

    i have a rather large network spanned across a 25 acre facility that has several buildings, a large warehouse with multiple IDFs (to distribute PoE switching) and several outdoor equipment (wifi/cameras) on light pole...
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  • Multi-site VRRP

    I am setting up a network for a high level of redundancy.  The overview is a main site with two NV-1544's connect to a firewall then the internet.  I have another disaster recovery site that has one NV-1544 ...
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