• VLan using LLDP

    As my name suggests, I am new to this VLAN configuration. I currently have 2 networks in my place of business. I am needing to connect both of them to one switch. and have the Switch handle DHCP. The Switch has to det...
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  • How many concurrent calls can the Netvanta 1531P process?

    I have reviewed the data sheet for the 1531P - It can have 255 active Vlans, 8k MAC addresses, but so can other Netvanta models but they may not be able to do SIP proxy on a hosted voice environment (like a 1335). Wha...
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  • How to Radius Windows Server 8 R2?

    Hi, i want to configure port auth for wired computers in my network:   Windows Server R2 64BIT Roles: 1 - Active Directory Certificate Services 2 - Active Directory Domain Services 3 - DNS server 4 - Networ...
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  • Traffic Shaping on 1531P

    We have recently switched ISP's and now have a private network connecting all of our facilities. All remote sites route to our main facility for internet service. After installing all of our new gear, we noticed that ...
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  • Configuring port channels on Netvana 1638's with qos trust cos.

    When configuring port channels on Netvana 1638's with qos trust cos do you apply on the individual ports or on the port channel interface?
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  • 1544P keeps locking up 9 hours after a reboot.

    All,   I have a 1544P that is used to connect an Accedian MetroNID, Avait Microwave and local LAN gear. There are a total of 4 VLANS.   The connection to the NID is single-mode fiber using a 1310 10KM SFP....
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  • No "qos map <name>" ability in R10.9 on 1544?

    Perhaps I'm being obtuse, but...I just upgraded a 1544 in our lab to R10.9.4 and attempted to configure a vlan with a qos map only to find "qos map <name> <iteration>" isn't available. Is there any ability...
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  • qos trust cos on 1638P

    I am trying to determine if I need to add "qos trust cos" on all switch ports. Devices will be passing DSCP values and I am mapping DSCP-COS   qos dscp-cos 0 8 16 24 32 40 46 48 to 0 1 2 3 4 5 7 6 interface gi...
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  • Replacing my core switch

    Back story: a year ago we rolled out a ShoreTel phone system and part of that project we deployed 1 Netvanta 1534p, 4 Netvanta 1234p, and 7 Netvanta 1238ps at our main site among 2 buildings. However we kept a 3Com 45...
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  • At what point should I get a Router instead of lean on my 1534 for L3 routing?

    smbMy network is around 200 machines (including servers) large between 2 ethernet subnets (my wifi is segregated to a seperate subnet and runs off AP150s). I have 6 Vlan's currently and my 1534 handles passing off to ...
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  • Netvanta 1224st

    I have a Netvanta 1224st switch that I would like to put in the stack and use for VOIP. With the last firmware update I have which is 13.15.00 I get no options for switch port voice vlan or voice-signaling. The two se...
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  • NetVanta 1544F Traffic Limiting in MDU

    Hey,   We're looking at picking up a few NetVanta 1544F switches for deployment in an MDU. As such, we're looking to be able to limit egress and ingress traffic. (i.e. 20mbps inbound/5mbps outbound from customer...
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  • DSCP-to-CoS Mapping

    - The default DSCP-to-CoS mapping for CoS 5 is DSCP 40   - My VoIP traffic is marked with DSCP EF (46), if I want DSCP EF mapped to COS 5, I will need to change the DSCP-to-CoS Mapping from 40 to 46 correct? ...
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