• Missing Syslog after reboot

    Adtran 1550 Syslog is missing after reboot. I need to prevent this. I also need to know how to extend the buffer of the syslog as its crazy short right now.
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  • VLan using LLDP

    As my name suggests, I am new to this VLAN configuration. I currently have 2 networks in my place of business. I am needing to connect both of them to one switch. and have the Switch handle DHCP. The Switch has to det...
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  • Can't get SNTP to work

    I've tried setting up SNTP on a number of Netvana devices (1234, 1534, 1355) but I've never had any luck getting it to work.  It always says "Not yet synced"   I've used time.nist.gov, pool.nt.org, and even...
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  • I Need a NetVanta Primer (VLAN setup)

    I'm using a secondhand 1st generation NetVanta 1534 POE as the heart of our small church's network. Thanks to other help here, I have managed to reset the passwords and begin configuring it. However, I haven't yet had...
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  • When using log analyzer the date returned is 5 months off but time is correct. Time/Date is correct on switch

    My log analyzer will show all events correctly as they happen but in this case the date is off by 5 months. The time shows correctly. Time/Date are set correctly on the switch itself. Has anyone else seen this happe...
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  • Problems setting up SNMP on 1 of over 30 adtran devices - how to prove is unit is defective

    snmp agent snmp-server engineID remote 800002980300a0c83f0ce4 snmp-server user SNMP HCU_GROUP v3 auth sha encrypted 252ced133e2da04fdcae5d4f6a8f51cf3304 priv des encrypted 252ced133e2da04fdcae5d4f6a8f51c...
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  • What is the command to stop IGMP flooding on a port.  The equivalent for a Cisco is "no ip igmp snooping tcn flood" which you apply per port.

    What is the command to stop IGMP flooding on a port.  The equivalent for a Cisco is "no ip igmp snooping tcn flood" which you apply per port.
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  • How does one block rogue devices by Mac address on a Netvanta 1550?

    We have found employees bringing devices from home and connecting them to our network, we blocked these devices by Mac address on our Cisco switches. But we have replaced them with Adtran 1550 switches. Is it possible...
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  • OC-3 Handoff

    I have a Carrier hand off with a raw OC-3 SONET. Is there a Adtran / Netvanta product I can use to terminate this? A switch with a OC3 SFP and route to a Netvanta 3140 for PPP perhaps?
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  • How many concurrent calls can the Netvanta 1531P process?

    I have reviewed the data sheet for the 1531P - It can have 255 active Vlans, 8k MAC addresses, but so can other Netvanta models but they may not be able to do SIP proxy on a hosted voice environment (like a 1335). Wha...
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  • How to Radius Windows Server 8 R2?

    Hi, i want to configure port auth for wired computers in my network:   Windows Server R2 64BIT Roles: 1 - Active Directory Certificate Services 2 - Active Directory Domain Services 3 - DNS server 4 - Networ...
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  • Adding Guest Wifi on different Subnet

    I have a Unifi AP connecting to a Netvanta 1544p and then through a sonic wall.  Unifi says create a VLan and connect to that but how do I get that vlan to serve a different dhcp pool?
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  • Configuration of Adtran 1534P switch

    Hi Everyone,   I am new here and I need some help configuring my Adtran 1534P switch. I currently have ASUS 3200 router and have static assigned IP address in my router for the switch which is the IP address of ...
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  • 1531P DHCP server

    Hello everyone!   We are getting an Avaya phone system installed throughout our facilities spread across the city. Some sites will have HP switches and others Adtran 1531Ps. Can the 1531P act as a DHCP server? I...
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  • Inter-Tel Phone Doesn't Get A DHCP IP Address

    With a Ip helper address configure on the 1531 as below the Inter-Tel Phone never gets an IP address from the DHCP server.  It will see the Offer from the server but never sends the request.  Here is the swi...
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  • Need to have my new NetVanta 1534P boot up and pull a DHCP address

    Hi,   Based on my reading, when the factory new 1534P is booted up, it defaults to  I want it to boot up and grab a DHCP IP so that I can remote into it remotely (I am sending it to a remote loc...
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  • How do restart LLDP TX

    Adtran 1544 / R10.9.0 has stopped transmitting LLDP.  Receives LLDP counters and Neighbors info looks fine.  Is there away to restart without have to reboot switch? Firmware Version R10.9.0 Part Number 17025...
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  • I need to configure a NetVanta 1638P as a DHCP server and include option 156 in its DHCP Response.

    I have read the 1600 series documentation and do not see where this is possible. Is it and if so, where would I find the guide to configure it? The only mention of configuring Option 156 is using a Windows Server and ...
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  • 1544P keeps locking up 9 hours after a reboot.

    All,   I have a 1544P that is used to connect an Accedian MetroNID, Avait Microwave and local LAN gear. There are a total of 4 VLANS.   The connection to the NID is single-mode fiber using a 1310 10KM SFP....
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  • Netvanta 1638p  DHCP snooping issue

    Adtran Netvanta 1638p I enabled the DHCP snooping feature in our network domain and the wireless access point was not working anymore. What is the right solution ?   ip hw-access-list extended DENY-...
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