• Dual Homed Setup

    Hello,   We have two ISP's that we Peer with. Currently we have one 3140 with both ISP's feeding into the router but obviously this creates a single point of failure. Is there any documentation on setting up a 3...
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  • SIP Proxy not working with VRRP VIP

    I am working on putting together a dual WAN, "high availability" topology with a pair of 3140's. This will be to support our hosted IP phones, leveraging the SIP proxy functionality. I am using VRRP on my LAN interfac...
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  • Secondary public IPs in a BGP configuration

    We have dual service entrances to our building, connecting to GigEth 0/2 and 0/3 (differing Public IPs on both) on our NetVanta3140.  We have BGP configured between those two connections so that traffic will auto...
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  • Is BFD supported on any of the NetVanta routers?

    Specifically I'm attempting to do fast-failover for BGP.  I can't find any global/interface/bgp commands that look right in a 3140 I have handy but figured I'd ask since I haven't seen it come up yet.   Tha...
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  • Accessing router via secondary WAN interface after using PBRs

    I have a NV3140 router installed where I have two different ISP connections. Both are Ethernet handoff connections. The router is currently configured with the primary WAN (Cable Connection) in GigEth 1 and the second...
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  • How do I enable bridge mode on 3130 so that I can use it as just a modem to another router?

    I'm wanting to replace a Cisco ADSL modem that I have in front of an EdgeRouter.  Is this box cable of a pure bridge between ATM 1 and eth1 to allow the EdegeRouter to do the PPPoE?
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  • VRRP and BGP design concerns

    I am planning a configuration to use two NetVanta 3140 routers with VRRP at the main location of a MPLS network.  I have two concerns that I need to address.  All of the other locations use the main locati...
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  • WCCP for Netvanta

    Is there any Adtran / Netvanta protocol that operates like WCCP?
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  • Failover from VPN to NAT - NV3130

    Hello   I have a bit of an odd situation. I have a site with a single ADSL WAN with static IP. My local ISP seems to be treating some of my SIP packets in a suspicious manner, which is causing some VOIP feature ...
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  • VRRP on WAN Interfaces

    I'd like to implement VRRP on the outside interfaces of two Adtran routers. The goal is to use one public IP so that my DNS records don't have to be modified and I don't want to use Dynamic DNS. I've set it up in the ...
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  • Is it possible to configure two VRRP interfaces one on the LAN, and the other on the WAN?

    I have one WAN IP address from the ISP, and a few VLAN interfaces on the LAN side of my existing configuration.  I would like to configure VRRP for both the WAN and LAN side.  This way, I would only need the...
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  • Configuring WAN Failover with Network Monitor

    Hello everyone. I am a new to Adtran equipment and not too familiar with configuration procedures and am hoping to get some help setting up a 3120.   I am currently connected the 3120 to a cable modem with dynam...
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  • Using a 3120 with two WAN

    I'm trying to get a dual WAN setup working with a 3120, and I'm having a bit of trouble.   I have my primary link on eth 0/1 I have my secondary link on sw 0/1   I created a new VLAN (vlan 2), set it up w...
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  • Netvanta 3133 and or 3120

    1.) Does the Netvanta 3133 or 3120 support vlan tagging from the ethernet lan and or ethernet wan ports? (I need the capability of tagging all traffic leaving the Adtran router to my mpls provider with a specific VLAN...
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  • IKE.NEGOTIATION: IkeHandleInfoXChg fail

    Hello Adtran community,   I keep getting the following error when my sites are on DBU (3120/3130 routers): 2012.12.04 10:30:07 CRYPTO_IKE.NEGOTIATION IkeInNotifyProcess: IkeFindIpsecSAbySPI failed 2012.12.04...
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