• Initial config of netvanta 3140

    Hi there, I'm hoping this is a simple(r) question.   We are a small tech support company, and are pretty technically proficient, but we are normally dealing with routers such as barracuda/sonicwall/ubiquity. A p...
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  • port forwarding 3120

    need to set port forwarding on 3120
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  • Minimum AOS Firmware Version for Netflow?

    Good Day,   Checking to see what the minimum version of AOS is required for the 3140 to enable netflow.  I'm running R11.10.7.HA, which I think is too old.  I found the Excel AOS Feature Matrix for ver...
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  • Is the 3140 going End-of-life?

    We purchase quite a few 3140's as demarc routers. My suppliers are telling me they are getting difficult to purchase, are they going EOL? If so, what is going to be the alternative is the price points of the 3140? Th...
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  • Can i monitor sip trunk usage on a 3140 SBC

    i want to know how many concurent call are made on my sip trunk, min / max
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  • How often should 3140 be rebooted?

    Coming up on 3 years, 16 weeks of uptime.  How often should the 3140 be rebooted?   I'm also on AOS R11.5.1.   Thanks, Kevin
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  • watchguard

    Trying to set up a watcahguard to 3120 site to site vpn.  Got the vpn and all four tunnels showing up but no traffic from any network on 3120 to any network on watchguard m370.  Also noticed I can't access m...
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  • NTP vs SNTP, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Especially a PC

    I've configured OpenVMS, Unix and Linux servers to request network time using NTP. On a small network where there is no server, the PCs need an accurate time source. When PCs want to know what time it is, do they look...
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  • Upgrading Netvanta 3120 from R10.11.0.E  to NV3120A-R12-3-4-E

    Hi, I Have a customer running a Netvanta 3120 part #1700601G2 at a remote site. Current firmware on the unit is R10.11.0.E  Is there any reason why I could not upgrade this unit directly to the current release, N...
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  • Netvana 3120 Password Reset

    How can I reset the admin password for a Netvana 3120 since the router does not have a console port. Thank You
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  • 3120 Web interface won't load, 503 Server Error

    This started some time back but power cycling the unit would allow me back in. Now even rebooting the unit from a Telnet session won't let me into the GUI at all. I know this is supposed to be tied to CPU and memory u...
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  • Losing switches from ARP table in 3140

    I am using this 3140 as a router, with 3 1550 switches connected. 1 of the 1550 switches is Up linked to Customer Network, and am passing Customer Network Traffic from PC through Phone, to my switch, then back to thei...
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  • set port 0/2 on the same LAN

    probably basic but I cant seem to get it set. I have and Adtran Netvanta 3140 unit and it was originally only for routing because of its aggregate throughput. However the customer wants the int Gig 0/2 to act as a se...
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  • How do I block an outside number on the 3140 sbc?

    I am trying to block an outside number on the netvanta 3140, any help would be appreciated.
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  • 3120 - High CPU Utilization and slowness

    HI all- First Post. Please bear with me. I am not an IT expert. We have Ethernet over Copper 6M from Telepacific. Recently I upgraded from a Bonded T1 (3M) and had an older Adtran. But to use this new service we ha...
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  • 3120 wont boot after firmware update

    I acquired a 3120 that had it's firmware erased and i need help to get it to boot back up.   I've gotten it into bootloader mode, and i can TFTP firmware and config files to it, but for the life of me none of th...
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  • Registering a PBX to a NV3140

    What I want to do is have the PBX register to the B2BUA (NV3140) and have the B2BUA register to our switch.  I found an article that says it is not possible, but it is four years old and I hope that it is out of ...
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  • Is there no AOS R12.4.0 release available for NetVanta 3120 and 3130 platforms?

    AOS R12.4.0 firmware was released for the NetVanta 3100 Series yesterday, but I noticed there is no image to download for the 3120 and 3130 platforms.  Will this follow later, or will there be no further releases...
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  • Accessing router via secondary WAN interface after using PBRs

    I have a NV3140 router installed where I have two different ISP connections. Both are Ethernet handoff connections. The router is currently configured with the primary WAN (Cable Connection) in GigEth 1 and the second...
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  • Switch Port Addressing

    Hi, Can a NetVanta 3120 switch port be assigned an IP address?
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