• NetVanta 3140 DNS Resolution Issue

    First time setting up one of these and I'm running into an issue where DNS resolution will work for a while, then stop.  Router was setup using webui.  I think it has something to do with my DHCP pool settin...
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  • Removing or Editing Secondary Interface on 3140:

    I have a netvanta 3140 with some pretty hefty config.  I inherited this, but I think one of my secondary public IPs Subnet is wrong.  My main subnet is x.x.x.x mask.  All of the secondar...
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  • NV3140 High cpu usage when used for a sip trunk

    NV3140 being used for a SIP Trunk Issues are intermittent fast busy when calling out, and possibly some incoming calls failing.  Secondary issue is the customer is trying to use a fax service across this, which ...
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  • comcast

    Has anyone ever setup a netvana 3140 SBC with comcast sip services? They are stating that if we use a netvana, it must emulate a PBX in order for their services to work. Does anyone know what they are talking about?
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  • Initial config of netvanta 3140

    Hi there, I'm hoping this is a simple(r) question.   We are a small tech support company, and are pretty technically proficient, but we are normally dealing with routers such as barracuda/sonicwall/ubiquity. A p...
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  • What kind of throughput can I expect on a NetVanta 3140 with firewalling disabled?

    I'm trying to figure out what kind of throughput I am going to get with a 3140. The firewall will be disabled and there are no VPNs, but it will be doing QoS. Can I expect higher than the 600Mbps on the product matrix...
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  • WAN Failover issue with NV3120

    I have setup WAN fail-over on NV3120. The primary is Comcast and backup WAN is FIOS. The fail-over works and when Comcast goes down it fails to FIOS as expected.  But the problem is when Comcast link comes back...
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  • How to setup WAN internet failover between Comcast and FIOS Link ?

    I have a NetVanta 3140 (ver.13.5.1) and I am looking to configure WAN internet fail over between Comcast and FIOS internet link. Comcast interface is on static IP but FIOS interface is on DHCP. Any sample configurat...
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  • port forwarding 3120

    need to set port forwarding on 3120
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  • Dual Homed Setup

    Hello,   We have two ISP's that we Peer with. Currently we have one 3140 with both ISP's feeding into the router but obviously this creates a single point of failure. Is there any documentation on setting up a 3...
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  • VLAN Communication Issue

    I have a 3140 as firewall and it has on port 3 VLAN settings.  We are connected from this to a 1534 that is connected to another 1534.  That last 1534 is connected to another network on VLAN 70 by the provid...
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  • frequency format error in .ntp.drift

    I am trying to configure our 3 Netvanta 3140's to use our gateway 3140 as an NTP server since all network traffic has to flow through that gateway to get to the internet.  The rest of our routers connect to the g...
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  • Netvanta 3140 Desktop Fix Port router - Dual WAN - Having issues routing an address range to use a specific WAN

    Hello everyone,   I am a new Adtran customer and looking for help setting up a route-map.  I am new to the CLI programming of routers and the WebGUI is difficult to use but I am learning as I go.   Be...
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  • I want to turn off the firewall of a 3120 how do I do that

    I want to turn off the firewall of a 3120 how do I do it. I am configuring from scratch, so I would need to know how to do it from a clean config.
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  • Need a VPN client subnet to traverse a site-to-site VPN

    Adtran 3140 in Nashville, Meraki firewall in Memphis, with a functional site-to-site VPN in between that allows subnets on each end to see each other. We have users in Nashville who occasionally need to work from home...
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  • Losing switches from ARP table in 3140

    I am using this 3140 as a router, with 3 1550 switches connected. 1 of the 1550 switches is Up linked to Customer Network, and am passing Customer Network Traffic from PC through Phone, to my switch, then back to thei...
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  • Wan connection with No-NAT to pass though another Wan connection

    I have a 3140 with a Cox Modem as the Internet Connection. Cox has given us a /27 range for public IPs but then stated we had to use a static /32 for the actual link to our 3140 and that the /27 would "pass through" t...
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  • Changing the Strict NAT Setting for Xbox One? Netvanta 3140

    Hi,   We have a 3140 setup for our office for which I use for my Xbox One S across the street (Ubnt hardware to shoot the signal to my home with an AP). The Xbox says I have a Strict NAT setting and this serious...
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  • Netvanta 3130 firmware upgrade question

    Hello, I have a question before I upgrade the firmware on a 3130 Netvanta DSL router.   The router part number is 1700610L2, current Boot ROM version is 10.04.00, current firmware on the router is 11.10.6.AE. ...
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  • set port 0/2 on the same LAN

    probably basic but I cant seem to get it set. I have and Adtran Netvanta 3140 unit and it was originally only for routing because of its aggregate throughput. However the customer wants the int Gig 0/2 to act as a se...
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