• NetVanta 3140 DNS Resolution Issue

    First time setting up one of these and I'm running into an issue where DNS resolution will work for a while, then stop.  Router was setup using webui.  I think it has something to do with my DHCP pool settin...
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  • Netvanta 3140 issue with DHCP assignments

    I have noticed lately my router is not assigning DHCP to some devices.  My mac this morning would not draw a DHCP from the router.  It auto assigns.  I have noticed some of our Mitel VOIP phones if powe...
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  • DHCP on Netvanta 3140

    Is there a way in the GUI to set up a device with a reserved IP address? I can't seem to find how to assign static addresses to a specific mac address on a device.   Eddie
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  • 3120  top traffic statistics: is it worth using?

    I've got a 3120, and am wanting to know about this Top Traffic tool, and if it's a reliable tool to tell me if I've got devices utilizing a lot of the available bandwidth at a remote site.   Out of curiosity, d...
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  • NTP vs SNTP, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Especially a PC

    I've configured OpenVMS, Unix and Linux servers to request network time using NTP. On a small network where there is no server, the PCs need an accurate time source. When PCs want to know what time it is, do they look...
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  • frequency format error in .ntp.drift

    I am trying to configure our 3 Netvanta 3140's to use our gateway 3140 as an NTP server since all network traffic has to flow through that gateway to get to the internet.  The rest of our routers connect to the g...
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  • Netvanta 3140 Desktop Fix Port router - Dual WAN - Having issues routing an address range to use a specific WAN

    Hello everyone,   I am a new Adtran customer and looking for help setting up a route-map.  I am new to the CLI programming of routers and the WebGUI is difficult to use but I am learning as I go.   Be...
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  • Losing switches from ARP table in 3140

    I am using this 3140 as a router, with 3 1550 switches connected. 1 of the 1550 switches is Up linked to Customer Network, and am passing Customer Network Traffic from PC through Phone, to my switch, then back to thei...
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  • Changing the Strict NAT Setting for Xbox One? Netvanta 3140

    Hi,   We have a 3140 setup for our office for which I use for my Xbox One S across the street (Ubnt hardware to shoot the signal to my home with an AP). The Xbox says I have a Strict NAT setting and this serious...
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  • Disable IPv6 DNS Lookup

    Is there a way to disable IPv6 DNS Lookups? Queries to certain cites always return an IPv6 address: ---------------------------------------- NV3140#ping google.com Type CTRL+C to abort. Legend: '!' = Success, '?' ...
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  • Is BFD supported on any of the NetVanta routers?

    Specifically I'm attempting to do fast-failover for BGP.  I can't find any global/interface/bgp commands that look right in a 3140 I have handy but figured I'd ask since I haven't seen it come up yet.   Tha...
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  • DNS entries disappear

    I have had this happen before and support assisted in fixing this but this time around they say supported has ended and I have to post here.   I have a number of static entries in DNS for servers located on the ...
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  • VLAN set up - 2nd vlan fails to access internet

    I have a Netvanta 3120 which had 1 vlan connected to all 4 switchports and all worked.  This was on subnet with gateway; DHCP active in the - 250 range.  I coul...
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  • Configuring DHCP options for different IP phone vendors within the same pool

    I am working on configuring a LAN where we will be using two separate IP phone vendor models. We would like to configure these phones via DHCP, but obviously would need to assign different option parameters based on t...
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  • Does AOS operate with No-IP dynamic DNS service? How can I set it up?

    I found a custom dynamic DNS option in AOS, but not exactly sure how it works. I need to setup feature with No-IP service, that has its own standart API - here is a link to description DDNS Update API Protocol - No-IP
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  • DHCP WAN interface - how to set default route?

    Subject says it all... On a 3120 with a WAN interface doing DHCP (cable modem in this case), what are the config directives to set the default gateway?  Or does the DHCP client handle that automatically when the ...
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  • Adtran 3120

    Hello,   Hopefully this will be a simple question to answer!   I reset our Adtran 3120 to factory defaults the other day. After resetting, verified the router hands out an IP add to a directly connected co...
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  • Adtran 3120 - Port forwarding - Sip Traffic

    I ran into this before to where the Adtran Router is interfering with sip traffic when I have a Pbx behind it with port forwading - 5060 and RTP port forward to the phone system.  Does anyone know what I can do t...
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  • DHCP pool reservation

    ip dhcp-server pool "khang"   default-router   host   hardware-address 00:a0:c8:61:36:df ethernet   Hi, I've program that already, but the phones get tha...
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  • DHCP Option 125 ASCII string is too long

    I am trying to use the DHCP server on the router.  We have Mitel phones here and the Option 125 ASCII string is too long to enter in the GUI or CLI.  How do I get this option string loaded?
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