• Removing or Editing Secondary Interface on 3140:

    I have a netvanta 3140 with some pretty hefty config.  I inherited this, but I think one of my secondary public IPs Subnet is wrong.  My main subnet is x.x.x.x mask.  All of the secondar...
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  • comcast

    Has anyone ever setup a netvana 3140 SBC with comcast sip services? They are stating that if we use a netvana, it must emulate a PBX in order for their services to work. Does anyone know what they are talking about?
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  • What kind of throughput can I expect on a NetVanta 3140 with firewalling disabled?

    I'm trying to figure out what kind of throughput I am going to get with a 3140. The firewall will be disabled and there are no VPNs, but it will be doing QoS. Can I expect higher than the 600Mbps on the product matrix...
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  • WAN Failover issue with NV3120

    I have setup WAN fail-over on NV3120. The primary is Comcast and backup WAN is FIOS. The fail-over works and when Comcast goes down it fails to FIOS as expected.  But the problem is when Comcast link comes back...
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  • How to setup WAN internet failover between Comcast and FIOS Link ?

    I have a NetVanta 3140 (ver.13.5.1) and I am looking to configure WAN internet fail over between Comcast and FIOS internet link. Comcast interface is on static IP but FIOS interface is on DHCP. Any sample configurat...
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  • 3120  top traffic statistics: is it worth using?

    I've got a 3120, and am wanting to know about this Top Traffic tool, and if it's a reliable tool to tell me if I've got devices utilizing a lot of the available bandwidth at a remote site.   Out of curiosity, d...
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  • watchguard

    Trying to set up a watcahguard to 3120 site to site vpn.  Got the vpn and all four tunnels showing up but no traffic from any network on 3120 to any network on watchguard m370.  Also noticed I can't access m...
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  • Netvanta 3140 Desktop Fix Port router - Dual WAN - Having issues routing an address range to use a specific WAN

    Hello everyone,   I am a new Adtran customer and looking for help setting up a route-map.  I am new to the CLI programming of routers and the WebGUI is difficult to use but I am learning as I go.   Be...
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  • Wan connection with No-NAT to pass though another Wan connection

    I have a 3140 with a Cox Modem as the Internet Connection. Cox has given us a /27 range for public IPs but then stated we had to use a static /32 for the actual link to our 3140 and that the /27 would "pass through" t...
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  • Is BFD supported on any of the NetVanta routers?

    Specifically I'm attempting to do fast-failover for BGP.  I can't find any global/interface/bgp commands that look right in a 3140 I have handy but figured I'd ask since I haven't seen it come up yet.   Tha...
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  • Wan Failover Issue

    Wan fails over from primary connection to backup connection, but once the failover happens the probe stays in a constant failing state even when the primary connection is back online.  Any help is appreciated. &#...
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  • Accessing router via secondary WAN interface after using PBRs

    I have a NV3140 router installed where I have two different ISP connections. Both are Ethernet handoff connections. The router is currently configured with the primary WAN (Cable Connection) in GigEth 1 and the second...
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  • How do I enable bridge mode on 3130 so that I can use it as just a modem to another router?

    I'm wanting to replace a Cisco ADSL modem that I have in front of an EdgeRouter.  Is this box cable of a pure bridge between ATM 1 and eth1 to allow the EdegeRouter to do the PPPoE?
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  • VRRP and BGP design concerns

    I am planning a configuration to use two NetVanta 3140 routers with VRRP at the main location of a MPLS network.  I have two concerns that I need to address.  All of the other locations use the main locati...
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  • Need help with what should be a basic 1:1 NAT config on a 3120.

    Hi, I'm replacing an old SSR2000 router with a 3120.  The SSR is only doing 1:1 NAT just basic convert from IP 10.132.X.X to 10.219.X.X bidirectionally.  I cant for the life of me get this 3120 to work prop...
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  • WCCP for Netvanta

    Is there any Adtran / Netvanta protocol that operates like WCCP?
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  • VRRP on WAN Interfaces

    I'd like to implement VRRP on the outside interfaces of two Adtran routers. The goal is to use one public IP so that my DNS records don't have to be modified and I don't want to use Dynamic DNS. I've set it up in the ...
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  • Mobile VPN Setup with Iphone

    I am trying to setup my Iphone's (And Ipads ect...) VPN client to be able to connect to my Adtran 3120/3430. I have the Adtran configured to use Mobile VPN and I am able to get it to connect fine on Windows using the ...
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  • Failover internet to a central site

    I have a remote location that has the following: Site A Router A a 3120 connected to a local ISP providing internet for this branch. Router B is Brand C connected to a carrier providing MPLS.   Site B Centra...
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  • Routing Internet Traffic to Remote ISP

    I have a network with 2 sites joined by a VPN, Site 1 and Site 2. Site 1 LAN network is and Site 2 LAN is I need to route traffic from the Site 1 LAN to Site 2's ISP. Site 1 is a Sonicwall 2...
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