• I have (2) Netvanta 3200 routers I want to set up for a point to point T-1.

    One is a Gen 2 and the other is a Gen 3, both have the latest release of software available for them on them, but of course the menus in the GUI are different. They are being used to replace two netopia routers that f...
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  • Adtran Netvanta 3200 - Pass all traffic

    I could really use some help from the Adtran masters here! I am pretty well versed in system side and used to be pretty good with Cisco CLI but we have an adtran we are trying to get working and we are having issues. ...
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  • NAT Help

    I have a feeling this isn't possible but hopefully someone here can help.  I am trying to use my NetVanta 3200 to NAT IP addresses going in and out the same LAN interface.  FOr example: laptop -
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  • GRE Tunnels Fail Over IPSec with Failover Setup

    Dear All,   I am trying to setup GRE over IPsec with Failover on Two Routers. I have the config for one router below(the other router config is a mirror of this one). I think all my settings are correct however ...
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  • Packet Loss and IP phone loss

    I have a netvanta 3200(remote unit) and netvanta 3305(main unit) that are connected through a Point to Point lease lined service, i have my networks and subnets plus my routing are correct to my understanding. My ip p...
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  • Port Forwarding

    We have a point 2 point t1 setup to provide internet to a remote location using 2 netvanta 3200. (the public addresses are examples)   Site 1 internet modem          ...
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  • port forward help

    Could someone please help. I have no experience with netvanta. I need to open ports for VOIP but my default interface has dynamic ip. The only video tutorial that shows how to open is only for static ip addresses....
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  • Force Internet through VPN tunnel (No split tunnel)

    I have a VPN tunnel with two adtran device.   Site A is the main office and site B the branch.   I am trying to route all traffic fromnneln Site B to Site A, so that nothing in Site B goes to the internet ...
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  • Comcast EPL 2 Sites - 801.Q for Beginners

    So this is where things are at. We had a Comcast EPL set up at two locations. This is a Comcast Layer 2 product that utilizes 802.1Q. We have a two 3305 Routers in place and our mindset was that Eth 0/1 was the WAN po...
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  • GRE over VPN tunnel with multiple sites

    How can I create GRE VPN tunnel with multiple sites? Site A (Main Site) Site B Site C   Site A and B currently connected via GRE Tunnel over IPSEC - 172....
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  • WAN DHCP address doesnt renew

       Hi there,   I inherited a bunch of netvanta Adtrans routers for a bunch of remote sites (3 hours plus away) , so apologies if this questions has been asked, or if this is a known issue. Im just gett...
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  • Configuring Port Forwarding in Netvanta 3200

    Hi guys,   I need help configuring a port forwarding. How can I do it?
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  • Can someone please define the following

      We recently configured our Netvanta 3200 as follows:     Removed IPUnnumbered Turned on the firewall Enabled DHCP and defined pools and rages          Sin...
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  • internet bottleneck

    We currently have a 7MB down/768k up Road Runner service connecting to an Adtran 3305.  It seems to be creating an extreme bottleneck.  When plugged directly into our cable modem I'm getting around 6.75 MB d...
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  • VLAN issue

    I have a Netvanta 3305 router with a Dell PowerConnect switch connected to it.  We are replacing bridged T1's coming into the router with a fiber WAN connection coming into the Dell switch.  The other networ...
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  • ipreasmbly on 3200 router

    We are using 3200 series router and get the below syslog message: msg="IpReasmbly time out" agent=AdFirewall Any idea what this means or possible cause?
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