• When is ncommand going to drop flash requirements?

    This support community is basically a ghost town, so I don't know why I bother, but when is ncommand going to drop flash requirements?
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  • Point to Point configuration for Comcast Cable Help

    So here is my problem.  I can ping from my laptop ( to all the router inter faces in Router 1 & 2 and to the Workstation on the other side (  I can ping from Workstation (172.16.1...
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  • How do i configure my router to use a point to point connection over comcast cable.

    I am switching from a point to point t1 line and am having trouble with bringing the new Point to point thru Comcast Cable.  What changes are need to be made or do I need a new Router.   Building configurat...
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  • Activating interfaces

    Preface: I'm not an IT expert   We have an Adtran Netvana 3200 router with a T1 Wan interface.   The T1 interface seemed to be dead, plugging into our Verizon smart jack doesn't affect the status LED's, th...
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  • I have (2) Netvanta 3200 routers I want to set up for a point to point T-1.

    One is a Gen 2 and the other is a Gen 3, both have the latest release of software available for them on them, but of course the menus in the GUI are different. They are being used to replace two netopia routers that f...
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  • NTP Master

    I have configured a Cisco router as an NTP Master and I have successfully synced multiple Adtrans routers to it for NTP.  When I try to sync a Juniper switch to the Adtran I get no suitable syncrhonization server...
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  • Support Vouchers - what will I get?

    I have to buy support vouchers to get any help with my adtran unit.  What type of help will I actually get from support using the vouchers.  Can they give me command line info to retrieve info and then progr...
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  • Caller ID Restricted

    We have a fractional T1 on all lines but 1 the Caller ID on the outbound calls show RESTRICTED, we have to remove it,   the phone provider says that the setting is in the Channel Bank and they receive it as rest...
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  • OPERATING_SYSTEM.SMTP Could not connect to email server.

    Hi there I have a Gen 2 3200 - updated to 15.12.00 firmware.   I'm getting this error no matter how I configure Email Forwarding.  We use gmail/g-suite so I've tried the following for servers:   s...
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  • NetVanta 3305 Status light is red

    I have a NetVanta 3305. This morning suddenly our internet was down and the router status light was red. I found that the red light indicates "Power is on but the self-test failed or the boot code could not be loaded....
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  • Netventa 3200 bonded T1's

    I am working with a customer with a Netventa 3200 with 2 bonded T1's point to point to their other location.. When T1 number 1 drops, both circuits drop, ppp1 says starting.  If T1 number 1 is up and T1 number 2 ...
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  • Does DHCP relay "override" local DHCP server settings?

    I think the subject says most of it.  I have a router (NV 3305, running R11.4.4) that has local DHCP server settings and pools already configured. I'm testing out using DHCP relay to a remote set of servers acros...
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  • I need to unblock port 12060 so VoiP modems will communicate with the T1

    I have a Adtran 3200 that apparently has port 12060 blocked.  I am kinda new to this and not sure how (or if) I can unblock this port.   Not really sure how to access it.    Any help would be ve...
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  • Adtran Netvanta 3200 - Pass all traffic

    I could really use some help from the Adtran masters here! I am pretty well versed in system side and used to be pretty good with Cisco CLI but we have an adtran we are trying to get working and we are having issues. ...
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  • Temporarily disable DHCP server without removing/altering pools?

    I think the subject says it all... is there any way to temporarily disable DHCP on one or more interfaces without removing the DHCP pools entirely?   I know that I can "no ip dhcp server pool POOLNAME", but that...
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  • NetVanta 3200 keeps bouncing/disconnecting for appox 180 minutes every 24 hours (between 0:58am - 2:56am GMT-0500)

    Is there any automated process that would cause this?
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  • Loaded wrong generation firmware on netvanta 3200

    Hello,   I loaded the wrong firmware on this 3200 and cannot get into it via the eth 0/1 port. I have Console and have tried to activate the port with no luck. I have my old firmware as the secondary image. Any ...
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  • Any idea why my router loses connection for approx 2 hours every 24 hours?  I'm desperate

    For several months, our Adtran Netvanta 3200 router has been losing connectivity for approx 2 hours every 24 hours. I have captured the events before, during, and after the outage using syslog. I also can provide the ...
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  • Top-Traffic Statistics

    I am trying to get connection stats on this device. Netvanta 3205 AC. Firmware   I've enabled it as shown but even after an hour no data is shown in the reports   I haven't found any useful doc...
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    We have two NetVanta 3205 3rd Gen, and need to bind two T1's together.  I found a Netvanta DUAL T1 NIM (2nd Gen), will these two work together?  If so, does it require any configuration?  Thanks.
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