• Point to Point configuration for Comcast Cable Help

    So here is my problem.  I can ping from my laptop ( to all the router inter faces in Router 1 & 2 and to the Workstation on the other side (  I can ping from Workstation (172.16.1...
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  • How do i configure my router to use a point to point connection over comcast cable.

    I am switching from a point to point t1 line and am having trouble with bringing the new Point to point thru Comcast Cable.  What changes are need to be made or do I need a new Router.   Building configurat...
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  • I have (2) Netvanta 3200 routers I want to set up for a point to point T-1.

    One is a Gen 2 and the other is a Gen 3, both have the latest release of software available for them on them, but of course the menus in the GUI are different. They are being used to replace two netopia routers that f...
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  • Static Routes on 4430 with VPN not removing Static Routes from Routing Table when BGP Routes return

    I have an Adtran 4430 with many VPN connections going out the WAN interface as backup routes for a lot of the routes that are coming in via EBGP on the LAN interface over a GRE tunnel to our MPLS router.  In norm...
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  • Netventa 3200 bonded T1's

    I am working with a customer with a Netventa 3200 with 2 bonded T1's point to point to their other location.. When T1 number 1 drops, both circuits drop, ppp1 says starting.  If T1 number 1 is up and T1 number 2 ...
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  • Adtran Netvanta 3200 - Pass all traffic

    I could really use some help from the Adtran masters here! I am pretty well versed in system side and used to be pretty good with Cisco CLI but we have an adtran we are trying to get working and we are having issues. ...
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  • Configuration or connection issue...

    I've assisted in jobs when a T1 line was to be setup but this was the first time I completed the configuration myself from the beginning. This was a friend who just moved into a new building that was apparently in an ...
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  • Routing without NATing

    AT&T is hading me a fiber circuit that I have to but a router to "hand off" my public IP range to my firewall. (usually that peice of eqipment is provided by ATT, but not this time). I am trying to setup a 3305 to...
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  • Any idea why my router loses connection for approx 2 hours every 24 hours?  I'm desperate

    For several months, our Adtran Netvanta 3200 router has been losing connectivity for approx 2 hours every 24 hours. I have captured the events before, during, and after the outage using syslog. I also can provide the ...
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  • Remote site Internet access over MPLS network running BGP

    I recently switch carriers for my MPLS network, all went well except for one remote site that access the Internet through the the HQ site. The only difference is on my old carrier we were using static routes with the ...
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  • NV3305 High CPU usage

    Ok, First of all I'm completely new to Adtran devices, however, I'm quite experienced in networking. This is the situation, 2 adtran NV3305 routers, each in a different city and connected to each other over a dedicate...
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  • Need help configuring a NetVanta 3200 Gen1 for IP pass-thru

    NetVanta 3200 Gen1 w/T1 interface. Firmware version: 15.12.00   I probably have the terminology wrong, but here is what I'm trying to accomplish:   I have a new firewall appliance that I now want to do all...
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  • NetVanta 3200 Branch Office VoIP connection(s)

    In a prior (similar) posting, I had setup two NetVAnta 3200 router connecting my production network to a branch office via a T1.  I was able to use those setting to implement another T1 connection to another bran...
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  • NetVanta 3305 default route issue.

    Error: There is no default route configured. To configure a default route please click here.   i cant seem to make had or teals of this error. i click on the click here buttons and it takes me to the routeing t...
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  • Netvanta 3305 p/n 1200880L1 Firmware problem...

    There is not enough space in the internal flash to upload a new AOS.  There is no firmware on this router, there is still only 6,391,728 bytes available.  I can not find an AOS small enough to fit on the fla...
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  • NetVanta 3200 T1 Branch Office Internet Access

    I just recently install two NetVanta 3200 on both ends of a T1 to a branch office.  I have the ability to access production network from the branch office; however, I can't get out to the internet, which is acces...
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  • Adtran 3305 P/N 1202880L1 Firmware

    Hello! I have an Adtran that I'm trying to update to the latest firmware. The adtran is currently on (and working) I've deleted all the available firmware except the primary but I still do not have enoug...
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  • NAT Help

    I have a feeling this isn't possible but hopefully someone here can help.  I am trying to use my NetVanta 3200 to NAT IP addresses going in and out the same LAN interface.  FOr example: laptop -
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  • Can you import Adtran gear into China

    We have several manufacturing and sales offices in China.  In the past we wanted to use Adtran gear there like we do at our other facilities.  Unfortunately, at that time we were told that the equipment coul...
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  • Adtran Netvanta 3448 - throughput

    I have a Netvanta 3448.  We just recently upgraded to Fiber with guarantee speed of 20 M Up and Down.  When we ran the speed test with just a laptop connected straight to the isp, we are getting 20 M up and ...
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