• NetVanta 3305 Default Gateway Question

    Hello,   I have configured a NetVanta 3305 with a WAN interface on Eth0 and a LAN interface on Eth1. The unit receives a WAN IP address from my ISP via DHCP and everything appears to be functioning there. I conf...
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  • Netvanta 3200 firmware

    I have a 1st generation Netvanta 3200. Can the firmware be updated to run BGP? If it can what version to I need?
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  • point to point T1 with 2 vlans

    I have two Netvanta 3305 units.  I think they are 2nd generation (P/N:1202880L1).  I am trying to bridge 2 vlans/(bridge-groups?) through eth 0/1.  The T1 is on slot 1/1 WAN-T1.  Is this possible w...
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  • Troubleshooting PPP over T1

    Network Overview:  I have (1) NetVanta 5305 with (2) Octal T1 cards communicating over multiple T1 circuits to remote sites; each remote site has (1) T1 and (1) NetVanta 3200.  I have used bridging to exte...
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  • Packet Loss and IP phone loss

    I have a netvanta 3200(remote unit) and netvanta 3305(main unit) that are connected through a Point to Point lease lined service, i have my networks and subnets plus my routing are correct to my understanding. My ip p...
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  • Port Forwarding

    We have a point 2 point t1 setup to provide internet to a remote location using 2 netvanta 3200. (the public addresses are examples)   Site 1 internet modem          ...
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  • port forward help

    Could someone please help. I have no experience with netvanta. I need to open ports for VOIP but my default interface has dynamic ip. The only video tutorial that shows how to open is only for static ip addresses....
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  • NTP source-interface issue

    I have several NetVanta 3305 routers at remote facilities that I am trying to setup with NTP out their WAN interfaces to the Internet drain at the main facility.  They are running: ADTRAN, Inc. OS version 18.02.0...
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  • Bridge between two NV 3200's?

    I have a very simple application, but I am not sure exactly how to set it up. I have a point to point T1 across town with two IP devices that need to talk to one another. There are no other routers or networking, I ca...
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  • Force Internet through VPN tunnel (No split tunnel)

    I have a VPN tunnel with two adtran device.   Site A is the main office and site B the branch.   I am trying to route all traffic fromnneln Site B to Site A, so that nothing in Site B goes to the internet ...
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  • Is it possible to have IP-helper addresses for 2 different servers on differing ports from the same interface?

    I need to forward udp bootps for dhcp relay and I also need to forward udp (from the same interface) on port 47808 to a different a internal IP. Will it forward the UDP traffic to both listed IP's and let them accept ...
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  • Router is up/up but can't connect to Internet from LAN

    So as luck would have it my techie is on vacation and they just activated my new T1. I've managed to get the router configured, or so I thought, but I can't connect to the Internet from my LAN so I figure I must have ...
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  • help connecting two 3200 series routers using PPP

    having trouble getting two NetVanta 3200 routers to connect using PPP.   the running configurations are as follows   interface eth 0/1   speed auto   no ip address   bridge-group 1   no...
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  • Comcast EPL 2 Sites - 801.Q for Beginners

    So this is where things are at. We had a Comcast EPL set up at two locations. This is a Comcast Layer 2 product that utilizes 802.1Q. We have a two 3305 Routers in place and our mindset was that Eth 0/1 was the WAN po...
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  • GRE over VPN tunnel with multiple sites

    How can I create GRE VPN tunnel with multiple sites? Site A (Main Site) Site B Site C   Site A and B currently connected via GRE Tunnel over IPSEC - 172....
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  • WAN DHCP address doesnt renew

       Hi there,   I inherited a bunch of netvanta Adtrans routers for a bunch of remote sites (3 hours plus away) , so apologies if this questions has been asked, or if this is a known issue. Im just gett...
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  • What is the WWW cpu task and what causes it to spike?

    Hello all. I work for a company that monitors networks across the country. I have seen several tickets pop lately for high cpu utilization. Getting into the router the cpu task WWW has been very high, sometimes 90+%. ...
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  • Point-to-Point T1s with 2 remote offices

    I am new to setting up T1 point-to-point connections. I was trying to setup a Netvanta 3200 3rd Gen with a dual T1 card in bridge mode to connect two other Netvanta 3200 3rd Gen with the single T1 card in them. I can ...
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  • using a VPN as a gateway

    I would like to set up a default gateway to use the VPN remote network for all internet queries.
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  • Help troubleshoot NV3200 problem at remote site...

    I have a Netvanta 3200 that is ~7 hours away from me, and the site is reporting problems.    I'm able to login to the 3200 via telnet, but "show process cpu" is giving me 100% usage.   System load: 1...
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