• NTP Master

    I have configured a Cisco router as an NTP Master and I have successfully synced multiple Adtrans routers to it for NTP.  When I try to sync a Juniper switch to the Adtran I get no suitable syncrhonization server...
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  • Does DHCP relay "override" local DHCP server settings?

    I think the subject says most of it.  I have a router (NV 3305, running R11.4.4) that has local DHCP server settings and pools already configured. I'm testing out using DHCP relay to a remote set of servers acros...
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  • Temporarily disable DHCP server without removing/altering pools?

    I think the subject says it all... is there any way to temporarily disable DHCP on one or more interfaces without removing the DHCP pools entirely?   I know that I can "no ip dhcp server pool POOLNAME", but that...
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  • NV3200 gen2 - alternate SNTP source *IP*?

    Hello Adtran Fans...   I have an NV3200 gen2, with a PPP connection riding on the T1 for WAN, and a small business network on the LAN side. It is currently running a somewhat older release (15.x) but I don't se...
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  • Packet Loss and IP phone loss

    I have a netvanta 3200(remote unit) and netvanta 3305(main unit) that are connected through a Point to Point lease lined service, i have my networks and subnets plus my routing are correct to my understanding. My ip p...
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  • NTP source-interface issue

    I have several NetVanta 3305 routers at remote facilities that I am trying to setup with NTP out their WAN interfaces to the Internet drain at the main facility.  They are running: ADTRAN, Inc. OS version 18.02.0...
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  • Is it possible to have IP-helper addresses for 2 different servers on differing ports from the same interface?

    I need to forward udp bootps for dhcp relay and I also need to forward udp (from the same interface) on port 47808 to a different a internal IP. Will it forward the UDP traffic to both listed IP's and let them accept ...
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  • Router is up/up but can't connect to Internet from LAN

    So as luck would have it my techie is on vacation and they just activated my new T1. I've managed to get the router configured, or so I thought, but I can't connect to the Internet from my LAN so I figure I must have ...
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  • WAN DHCP address doesnt renew

       Hi there,   I inherited a bunch of netvanta Adtrans routers for a bunch of remote sites (3 hours plus away) , so apologies if this questions has been asked, or if this is a known issue. Im just gett...
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  • Point-to-Point T1s with 2 remote offices

    I am new to setting up T1 point-to-point connections. I was trying to setup a Netvanta 3200 3rd Gen with a dual T1 card in bridge mode to connect two other Netvanta 3200 3rd Gen with the single T1 card in them. I can ...
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  • netvana 3305 as a WAN router

    I have installed a netvanta 3305 on my main site and i want to connect it up to my ISP router through my eth 0/1 port, i have my WAN ip address and netmask and gateway which i tested on a simple WAN router, i also wan...
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  • Adtran 3305 Router - DHCP OPTION 66

    We are currently using a Metaswitch and a Sip Provisining Server,the question i have is that the current DHCP Server we are using now will not let us properly supply the URL in option 66, was wondering if this Adtran ...
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  • Momentarily loosing ping to 3200 2nd generation

    Hi all,   Have a problem that has been bugging us since we started communications to a secondary site.  The Adtrans we placed in operation we installed by a third company and were initially set up to handle...
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  • DHCP reservations  and exclusions

    This is part question, part feature request.   I normally set aside a block of 100 addresses (from a /24) in DHCP, and I use exclusions to keep the pool from handing out the rest.   However, now I want to ...
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