• Support Vouchers - what will I get?

    I have to buy support vouchers to get any help with my adtran unit.  What type of help will I actually get from support using the vouchers.  Can they give me command line info to retrieve info and then progr...
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  • 3120 has high CPU with FFE enabled and IP firewall disabled

    ADTRAN, Inc. OS version R12.2.0.SA   Mainline Version: ENM.16.93   P4 Changelist: 268653   Checksum: 9C1988B5   Built on: Wed Nov 16 11:29:53 2016 Boot ROM version   Checksum...
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  • Static Routes on 4430 with VPN not removing Static Routes from Routing Table when BGP Routes return

    I have an Adtran 4430 with many VPN connections going out the WAN interface as backup routes for a lot of the routes that are coming in via EBGP on the LAN interface over a GRE tunnel to our MPLS router.  In norm...
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  • Netvanta 3200 | (Interface) Frame Relay, Sub-Relay & Loopback Questions

    Good day...   I am replacing an Samsung IBG-1000 for a customer using an Adtran Netvanta 3200. I have contacted the clients provider (MegaPath | T1) and asked for general support however they do not support the ...
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  • Adtran Netvanta 3200 - Pass all traffic

    I could really use some help from the Adtran masters here! I am pretty well versed in system side and used to be pretty good with Cisco CLI but we have an adtran we are trying to get working and we are having issues. ...
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  • I want to stream Audio over a private point to point 64/56k dds circuit

    I have a 64/56k dds circuit between 2 locations and I want to stream audio over this circuit without going through the Internet. I have (2) NetVanta 3200's with the 64/56k modules and I have 2 Comrex Bric-Link boxes ...
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  • NetVanta 3200 keeps bouncing/disconnecting for appox 180 minutes every 24 hours (between 0:58am - 2:56am GMT-0500)

    Is there any automated process that would cause this?
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  • Netvanta 3120 to a Airport Extreme with two wireless networks?

    From the ISP it connects to Netvanta 3120 router. The router connects to the WAN port of the Apple Airport Extreme wireless router that is set to bridge mode(the only way I could get it to work). The airport extreme h...
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  • Remote site Internet access over MPLS network running BGP

    I recently switch carriers for my MPLS network, all went well except for one remote site that access the Internet through the the HQ site. The only difference is on my old carrier we were using static routes with the ...
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  • NV3305 High CPU usage

    Ok, First of all I'm completely new to Adtran devices, however, I'm quite experienced in networking. This is the situation, 2 adtran NV3305 routers, each in a different city and connected to each other over a dedicate...
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  • Need help configuring a NetVanta 3200 Gen1 for IP pass-thru

    NetVanta 3200 Gen1 w/T1 interface. Firmware version: 15.12.00   I probably have the terminology wrong, but here is what I'm trying to accomplish:   I have a new firewall appliance that I now want to do all...
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  • 4G Access?

    Is there a 4G access option on the Netvanta series, or an option coming up soon? Particularly interested in Verizon, but also interested in general terms. Only seeing a 3G option currently available. Thanks!
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  • Can you import Adtran gear into China

    We have several manufacturing and sales offices in China.  In the past we wanted to use Adtran gear there like we do at our other facilities.  Unfortunately, at that time we were told that the equipment coul...
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  • Adtran Netvanta 3448 - throughput

    I have a Netvanta 3448.  We just recently upgraded to Fiber with guarantee speed of 20 M Up and Down.  When we ran the speed test with just a laptop connected straight to the isp, we are getting 20 M up and ...
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  • NetVanta 3305 Default Gateway Question

    Hello,   I have configured a NetVanta 3305 with a WAN interface on Eth0 and a LAN interface on Eth1. The unit receives a WAN IP address from my ISP via DHCP and everything appears to be functioning there. I conf...
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  • GRE Tunnels Fail Over IPSec with Failover Setup

    Dear All,   I am trying to setup GRE over IPsec with Failover on Two Routers. I have the config for one router below(the other router config is a mirror of this one). I think all my settings are correct however ...
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  • point to point T1 with 2 vlans

    I have two Netvanta 3305 units.  I think they are 2nd generation (P/N:1202880L1).  I am trying to bridge 2 vlans/(bridge-groups?) through eth 0/1.  The T1 is on slot 1/1 WAN-T1.  Is this possible w...
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  • Packet Loss and IP phone loss

    I have a netvanta 3200(remote unit) and netvanta 3305(main unit) that are connected through a Point to Point lease lined service, i have my networks and subnets plus my routing are correct to my understanding. My ip p...
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  • How to verify the stability of an ADSL NIM?

    I'm working with an ISP which is providing ADSL services. My ADSL connection is bouncing up and down and I'm wondering if there is any indication that can be derived from any debug output that would point the finger a...
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  • NTP source-interface issue

    I have several NetVanta 3305 routers at remote facilities that I am trying to setup with NTP out their WAN interfaces to the Internet drain at the main facility.  They are running: ADTRAN, Inc. OS version 18.02.0...
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