• Force Internet through VPN tunnel (No split tunnel)

    I have a VPN tunnel with two adtran device.   Site A is the main office and site B the branch.   I am trying to route all traffic fromnneln Site B to Site A, so that nothing in Site B goes to the internet ...
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  • Netvanta 3200 as a media converter?

    New here, apologies if this has been answered already...did a search couldn't really find an answer.   Our situation is this: We have a T1 line coming in from a provider. We have an outside firm that supports a ...
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  • help connecting two 3200 series routers using PPP

    having trouble getting two NetVanta 3200 routers to connect using PPP.   the running configurations are as follows   interface eth 0/1   speed auto   no ip address   bridge-group 1   no...
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  • Comcast EPL 2 Sites - 801.Q for Beginners

    So this is where things are at. We had a Comcast EPL set up at two locations. This is a Comcast Layer 2 product that utilizes 802.1Q. We have a two 3305 Routers in place and our mindset was that Eth 0/1 was the WAN po...
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  • GRE over VPN tunnel with multiple sites

    How can I create GRE VPN tunnel with multiple sites? Site A (Main Site) Site B Site C   Site A and B currently connected via GRE Tunnel over IPSEC - 172....
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  • NV3200 in Bridge mode with SHDSL?

    Hi,   Is there any way of configuring NV 3200 for bridge mode to use with a router which does pppoe auth. If it is possible can someone please provide a dummy config with the right cross connects or  any b...
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  • WAN DHCP address doesnt renew

       Hi there,   I inherited a bunch of netvanta Adtrans routers for a bunch of remote sites (3 hours plus away) , so apologies if this questions has been asked, or if this is a known issue. Im just gett...
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  • Point-to-Point T1s with 2 remote offices

    I am new to setting up T1 point-to-point connections. I was trying to setup a Netvanta 3200 3rd Gen with a dual T1 card in bridge mode to connect two other Netvanta 3200 3rd Gen with the single T1 card in them. I can ...
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  • Vlan over MPLS

    I am implementing a VOIP system with 2 sites. Site 1 will host the phone system and site 2 will only have remote phones. The two sites are connected via Verizon Business MPLS service. Each site has a NetVanta 3205 on ...
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  • using a VPN as a gateway

    I would like to set up a default gateway to use the VPN remote network for all internet queries.
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  • Enabling MPLS on a NV3200

    Hi,   I have a point-to-point T1 connection using NV3200's.  I am upgrading to an MPLS (not an MPLS VPN) connection.  Is there any additional hardware required to run MPLS with QOS or is it all AOS con...
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  • netvana 3305 as a WAN router

    I have installed a netvanta 3305 on my main site and i want to connect it up to my ISP router through my eth 0/1 port, i have my WAN ip address and netmask and gateway which i tested on a simple WAN router, i also wan...
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  • Probe/track for redundant internet where the router is not the edge device

    Good afternoon Adtran Support,   I have a question regarding the configuration of probe/track so that I can divert internet traffic from one location to another, across a point-to-point link. Allow me to set the...
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  • Using Net Vanta 3200 to bond 2 T1s while Bridging

    Hello everyone,,,I have 2 third generation NetVanata 3200 in service at this time.   Basically they are bridging a remote site via T1 to switch at the home site which is linked to a internet router.  On...
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  • E1 & ppp

    Hello Guys,   I was creating a test scenario between 2 NV3200 for connect 2 LANs over a E1 link with ppp. The situation is that the ppp 1 interface never goes up.   Reading some technical notes about this,...
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  • VLAN issue

    I have a Netvanta 3305 router with a Dell PowerConnect switch connected to it.  We are replacing bridged T1's coming into the router with a fiber WAN connection coming into the Dell switch.  The other networ...
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  • Momentarily loosing ping to 3200 2nd generation

    Hi all,   Have a problem that has been bugging us since we started communications to a secondary site.  The Adtrans we placed in operation we installed by a third company and were initially set up to handle...
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  • Bonding multiple T1 in Adtran 3305 with additional NIM

    Good morning Adtran Support,   I have a quick question: is there a template available that I could use as a guide for bonding multiple T1 circuits inside a NV3305 router? While I'm extremely savvy with Adtran ro...
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