• Netvanta 3120 to a Airport Extreme with two wireless networks?

    From the ISP it connects to Netvanta 3120 router. The router connects to the WAN port of the Apple Airport Extreme wireless router that is set to bridge mode(the only way I could get it to work). The airport extreme h...
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  • 4G Access?

    Is there a 4G access option on the Netvanta series, or an option coming up soon? Particularly interested in Verizon, but also interested in general terms. Only seeing a 3G option currently available. Thanks!
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  • Can I have the Netvanta 160 AP's connect to a 3305?

    i have a customer who has a Netvanta 3305 setup for a guest internet connection. They would like to possibly add some 160 AP's off of this. i have upgraded the 3305 to the latest version, however i did not see in the ...
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  • help connecting two 3200 series routers using PPP

    having trouble getting two NetVanta 3200 routers to connect using PPP.   the running configurations are as follows   interface eth 0/1   speed auto   no ip address   bridge-group 1   no...
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