• Can we set up WAN failover on a Netvanta 3430?

    I'm relatively new to the Adtran world so bare with me if I ask stupid questions.   My client wants to set up WAN failover on their Netvanta 3430. I noticed that this model only have Eth 0/1 and Eth 0/2. Eth 0/...
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  • Does the 3448 support the Network Monitor feature?

    Does the NetVanta 3448 support the Network Monitor feature described in the document Configuring WAN Failover with Network Monitor in AOS?
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  • What is the SNMP OID for Line Status on a ISDN BRI DBU?

    I am hoping someone has an answer for this.   We have a few T1 circuits that are backed up by an ISDN BRI DBU. I would like to use our network manager software to monitor the line status of the BRI. Specifically...
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  • Configure OSPF routes to be advertised over backup VPN connection

    We have configured OSPF to work in our environment and it works well, but we are having an issue when a site fails over from its primary connection to a backup VPN connection we no longer get our OSPF routes.  Wh...
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  • Can AOS do Time of Day QoS Service Policies?

    Hello Community,   I am brand new to AOS. I am looking to see if AOS can do time of day QoS service polices, change how much bandwidth is allowed over the WAN per queue depending on time of day. I had set this u...
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  • Lost firmware image

    I was working on my 3430 over the weekend adding some IP filtering to the firewall. I was logged in through SSH and at one point I type "clear ip policy-sessions" to drop the open connections. The next thing that happ...
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  • 'ip ffe' delays routing recovery when link goes down

    We have a customer who has two sites and they have a T1 joining the sites.  The Voice subnets are advertised via OSPF across the T1 link; this enables users destined for voice subnets to utilize the T1 link while...
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  • VPN VRF?

    I have a scenario with an existing VPN network in which I am attempting to create fail-over. There are 8 remote NV3120's using IPSEC VPN pointed to a NV3430 at the host site. These 8 sites are up and running. ...
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  • Admin Access on Second WAN

    I have a 3448 running R10.9.0.E.  There are two WANs (one on ETH 0/1, the other on ETH 0/2), and I have failover working like it should.  I have admin access enabled on both WANs, but I can only get in on th...
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  • IP load sharing with VPN

    I started with a 3448 and a single ISP on ETH 0/1. Firewall and VPN up and running on ISP #1. A second ISP is connected to ETH 0/2. The doc Configuring IP Load Sharing in AOS - Quick Configuration Guide.pdf is refe...
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  • Need to commission someone to configure Adtran 3448 for failover

    I have an adtran 3448, I've got it set up, but I'm unable to comprehend the guide to create a failover.   2 DHCP connections through eth 0/1 and 0/2   Eth 0/1 is primary, eth 0/2 is backup   I would ...
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  • intra-NV3448 proxy failover

    I have a NV3448 running R10.9.1.E in SIP transparent proxy mode.  What I would like to set up is if the WAN link or the SIP server fails that calls between the individual phones that are connected to the NV3448 w...
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  • Two Site with P2P T1 back up VPN.  Primary internet with P2P as backup Internet

    Hi Support.  I'm struggling trying to make this work.  I'm on my lab trying to test this.  I have most of it to work except.....1 site backup internet.   I have two Sites.   Site A: 192.168...
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  • Need help with a design - Fiber Ethenet, point-to-point

    Hi Adtran Group.  I have a Project that I need a bit help with.  I have a customer with Two Locations.  They will be Adding a third locations.   Site A - Main Locations - They have 1 Fiber/Etherne...
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  • How do I download or upload a config file using only the CLI?

    I love the command line programing and it makes it easier to see the config at a glance but I cannot seem to figure out how to upload or download a config file from the CLI. Am I restricted to doing this from the GUI ...
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  • IP Load Sharing on 3430

    Hi, I believe I've setup load sharing successfully, based on the documentation here: https://supportforums.adtran.com/docs/DOC-2286 Do this also provide automatic failover?
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  • Best way to connect a 1638 to a 3448 with a backup ring?

    All, I have a client that will be getting a 3448 enhanced. Eth 0/1 will be on Time Warner Fiber 10mb up/dwn. ( used for primary ). Eth 0/2 will WindStream ethernet 1.5/mb. ( used for failover ). We are wanting to ...
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  • Show Probe in list tracked by "Nothing"?

    I'm wondering if this is normal and if so, why it is...   My partial config:   probe ComcastProbe-1 icmp-echo   destination   source-address  x.x.x.x   period 5   toler...
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  • Will this MPLS w/failover VPN and Traffic design work?

    OK, got a project dropped into my lap and dont normally handle this much of the WAN setup, but the customer has no one, and the powers to be sold it, lol.  So I have 7 sites all in rural parts of texas that are g...
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  • Bonding multiple VPN connections?

    Here's my situation. We have a Corporate Office and 22 branch offices. Most are connected with MPLS T1s at the branch end and a 20mbps Ethernet-over-copper circuit at the Corporate office. We also have an Adtran 3448 ...
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