• Netvanta 3448 Routing IP Address Block

    I'm pretty new to routing (I usually work on the Firewall side), and I need to do something that seems like it should be easy, I'm just not sure if I have a good understanding of what I'm doing here.   My ISP pr...
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  • Route specific subnets over VPN tunnel?

    Hi,  I've got a VPN tunnels set up between two NV3430 routers, and it works fine for all LAN devices on both sides to see each other.   One side has a LAN of and a static WAN that's on the In...
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  • Can we set up WAN failover on a Netvanta 3430?

    I'm relatively new to the Adtran world so bare with me if I ask stupid questions.   My client wants to set up WAN failover on their Netvanta 3430. I noticed that this model only have Eth 0/1 and Eth 0/2. Eth 0/...
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  • Input errors and CRC errors on interfaces

    I am seeing input and CRC errors on WAN interface at one of branch router. Topology overview is :   WAN----> Adtran 3430 (eth 0/1) -------> Juniper 2200 (LAN via eth 0/2). We are using site to site VP...
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  • TCP connection request received is invalid (expected SYN, got ACK)

    I've searched the forums and have seen the solution is to configure stateless on the ip policy, however when I tried that, the problem became worse than better.  I'm assuming I just don't know exactly how to conf...
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  • Two VPN tunnels to one peer, two vlans

    I have two 3448's in two offices. Site A has two internet connections and Site B has one. Both locations have two vlans, one (100) for computers and one (110) for voice. Right now I have a established VPN for the voic...
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  • Does the 3448 support the Network Monitor feature?

    Does the NetVanta 3448 support the Network Monitor feature described in the document Configuring WAN Failover with Network Monitor in AOS?
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  • AOS upgrade for first generation 3430

    We have a first generation 3430 originally part number 1200820E1 that was upgraded in 2011 to the E2 license (1950820E2 currently running R10.9.1) so that it could provide VPN access. I happened to check out the softw...
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  • Router Set-up to allow video server access via port forwarding?

    Hello,   I have a netvanta 3420 router that was already installed in the business I was hired to manage. I need to allow the owner to access the video server through the internet. So he may log in and watch ever...
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  • Need help troubleshooting 3448

    I am trying to configure a Netvanta 3448 to give dhcp addresses out and have them route back to a internet connection i am getting from my ISP.   below is my current config.   The problem is when connectin...
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  • WAN Flapping in Dual WAN configuration

    We're having a strange issue with a particular dual wan configuration. This is using a NetVanta 3448. It's running NV3448A-R12-3-3.biz firmware.   We two WAN circuits, an ethernet over fiber link (primary) and a...
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  • Can the Netvanta support L2TP for creating a Layer 2 tunnel across a MPLS network?

    I have a MPLS network that I want to hide.  My idea would be to have the Adtran create a L2TP tunnel back to a Cisco ASR903 that makes my site router appear as if it is layer 2 attached to a Host router.  I ...
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  • Could not set network interface IP address network mask.

    I am trying to set up a GRE tunnel between two sites. I tried to configure the Netvanta 3430 with the same GRE tunnel settings, other that the ip and gateway for the interfaces, and I am receiving the error "Could not...
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  • Netvanta 3448 Successor?

    We currently use the Netvanta 3448 across the business. The router can do anything we require and it operates really well, though we are looking to upgrade. The primary reason is due to the 100Mb/s switchports. Is the...
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  • where to configure intervlan routing

    Question -   I have  new setup going in - Scenario:   3448 will have customer metro ethernet coming in for SIP only, customer also has a cisco asa with their public inet coming in.   I will con...
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  • Port Forwarding issue NetVanta 3448

    Hi all!   So previously I was dealing with simple routers to where I just set up port forwarding IP/ and save. All within 2 minutes.   With NetVanta 3448 I had to watch 16 min tutorial video. Then I've tri...
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  • VLAN routing with permit ip any any

    I need to allow all traffic to and from two different VLAN's with the 3430 doing the routing.  This is an Adtran switch as well and the switchport mode is trunk that connects to the router. ---------------------...
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  • Is there anyway to determine what routes are being used?

    We have an Adtran that has some routes I don't know what they are for. I want to rip them out but need to make sure they aren't being used. I've done some looking around and don't see anything.   In short I'd l...
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  • Typical installation of 3430 into existing network

    Hi all,     We are getting our first adtran 3430 to do SIP management. We have our current network running with voip system already. The company installing it is asking for the following: """ Provide a priv...
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  • 3448 VLAN Routing

    Hi All   I must be missing something stupid - the 3448 is layer 3 light - when VLANS have IP's they are routable. In other words a device in vlan 10 should be able to ping a device in vlan 1. In short I am not a...
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