• Route specific subnets over VPN tunnel?

    Hi,  I've got a VPN tunnels set up between two NV3430 routers, and it works fine for all LAN devices on both sides to see each other.   One side has a LAN of and a static WAN that's on the In...
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  • Input errors and CRC errors on interfaces

    I am seeing input and CRC errors on WAN interface at one of branch router. Topology overview is :   WAN----> Adtran 3430 (eth 0/1) -------> Juniper 2200 (LAN via eth 0/2). We are using site to site VP...
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  • Two VPN tunnels to one peer, two vlans

    I have two 3448's in two offices. Site A has two internet connections and Site B has one. Both locations have two vlans, one (100) for computers and one (110) for voice. Right now I have a established VPN for the voic...
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  • Could not set network interface IP address network mask.

    I am trying to set up a GRE tunnel between two sites. I tried to configure the Netvanta 3430 with the same GRE tunnel settings, other that the ip and gateway for the interfaces, and I am receiving the error "Could not...
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  • 2-factor AUTH for VPN client connections possible?

    Wondering if it's possible to implement 2AUTH with the 3448 and NCP software or any other solution?
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  • Can I enable/disble VPN using some API (or SNMP)?

    I've goot a VPN tunnel running between two sites (one static, one dynamic), and the tunnel goes down maybe once a week.  Both sides are NV3430 routers running R12.3.4.E   If I disable the tunnel using the G...
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  • My router is dropping a VPN connection intermittently; it's been completely stable until recently...........

    I have an old  NetVanta 3448 that has a VPN connection to a satellite facility.  The tunnel has been stable for a long time, until recently.  The tunnel will visually look like it's ok, but it's not....
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  • Azure Site to Site VPN with Netvanta 3430

    i've tried setting up Azure VPN to my 3430 with no luck.   Adtran isn't on the Known Compatible device list , but i tried anyway.   has anyone else had luck with this?   i've included the sample cis...
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  • Setting up mobile VPN access with restriction to certain VLAN

    Hi,   Can someone give me a setup how to for enabling a remote user to VPN to the 3448 that I have specific VLAN's set up for manangement of thier systems.   I need to use Shrewsoft for the VPN client and ...
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  • Send all traffic from particular IP address through VPN?  [Or a particular port?]

    This is similar to Re: using a VPN as a gateway but different enough that I can't quite find the answer with search:   I've got a VPN set up between two locations, and it works fine for getting access to resourc...
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  • VPN Problem

    3 Sites: Site A: VLAN 10 (Data) & VLAN 20(Voice) - NetVanta 3448 Firewall & NetVanta 7100 Site B: VLAN 11 (Data) & VLAN 21(Voice) - NetVanta 7100 (Ac...
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  • GRE Tunnels, May I use Loopback address as "Tunnel Source"

    Does anyone know for sure if I may use Loopback addresses as my GRE Tunnel Source IP?   I will of course set the appropriate static routes
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  • VPN with iPad

    I apologize in advance if this is already somewhere in this forum. I couldn't find anything on it though. We have an NetVanta 3430. We have VPN setup and currently use Shrew Soft VPN client to connect from remote Wind...
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  • VPN with Mobile ShewSoft Client

    It appears I'm able to establish a valid VPN tunnel. ShewSoft reports the tunnel enabled. Stays up until the lifetime expires. On the Adtran 3458 side I see the Security Associations established. I can watch the lifet...
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  • QOS for VOIP on 3448 (3400)

    I want to make sure I am clear on how or if QOS is going to work in my setup. I have reviewed the docs, multiple post found here and the video put up by Adtran (very helpful).   Setup is a 10Mbps Fiber connected...
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  • Configure OSPF routes to be advertised over backup VPN connection

    We have configured OSPF to work in our environment and it works well, but we are having an issue when a site fails over from its primary connection to a backup VPN connection we no longer get our OSPF routes.  Wh...
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  • Inbound NAT help

    I just need to create an Inbound NAT. Traffic coming from Outside at this address and going to    Would I do it like this?   ip nat pool web-nat-pool-1 static   local 10...
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  • Mobile VPN not routing on a NetVanta 3448 w/ EFP

    Trying to set up a mobile VPN configuration. The VPN gets connected, but there is no routing. Cannot get to any devices on the 10.0.20.x segment, even though the LAN of the VPN router is part of a directly connected n...
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  • Mobile VPN not routing on a NetVanta 3448

    Hi,   We have a mobile VPN issue connecting and routing with a NetVanta 3448 /EFP.   Trying to set up a mobile VPN configuration. The VPN gets connected, but there is no routing. Cannot get to any devi...
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  • 2nd VPN tunnel will not come up

    I have two 3448's, both now have two internet connections and two vlans. Each vlan uses a different WAN threw PBR and that is working. I have two VPN tunnels, one for each vlan going over each a different WAN. The fir...
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