• Netvanta 3430 Internet Speed 30% of Expected Bandwidth  [Solved]

    Good Evening,   We have an old Netvanta 3430 which is connected to our Cox Business Internet.  Our contracted speed is 100M download and 20M upload.  When I connect directly to the cable modem, the spe...
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  • Netvanta 3448 Routing IP Address Block

    I'm pretty new to routing (I usually work on the Firewall side), and I need to do something that seems like it should be easy, I'm just not sure if I have a good understanding of what I'm doing here.   My ISP pr...
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  • Route specific subnets over VPN tunnel?

    Hi,  I've got a VPN tunnels set up between two NV3430 routers, and it works fine for all LAN devices on both sides to see each other.   One side has a LAN of and a static WAN that's on the In...
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  • Upgrading Firmware (Enhanced Feature Pack)

    Hi, We have a NV3450 currently running R10.9.3.E. Looking at getting this firmware upgraded. We have our device registered on MyAdtran, but when we go to download the new firmware it only gives accessibility to the ...
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  • Client states Unidentified network when connected for DHCP

    I am at bit of a loss with a configuration I have built. The scenario was to create a routed failover configuration. That part works, although the failover part was not been tested but access fo the WAN 2 is confirmed...
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  • Can we set up WAN failover on a Netvanta 3430?

    I'm relatively new to the Adtran world so bare with me if I ask stupid questions.   My client wants to set up WAN failover on their Netvanta 3430. I noticed that this model only have Eth 0/1 and Eth 0/2. Eth 0/...
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  • Input errors and CRC errors on interfaces

    I am seeing input and CRC errors on WAN interface at one of branch router. Topology overview is :   WAN----> Adtran 3430 (eth 0/1) -------> Juniper 2200 (LAN via eth 0/2). We are using site to site VP...
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  • TCP connection request received is invalid (expected SYN, got ACK)

    I've searched the forums and have seen the solution is to configure stateless on the ip policy, however when I tried that, the problem became worse than better.  I'm assuming I just don't know exactly how to conf...
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  • Rename or Delete a file in flash which contains a space in filename?

    I uploaded a firmware file via the GUI which couldn't be assigned as a primary or secondary firmware boot.  I attempted to assign it as a boot file in the GUI and the file didn't show up in the drop down menu. I ...
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  • How can you set up port forwarding for pinging a device behind an Adtran router from the outside?

    How can you set up port forwarding for pinging a device behind an Adtran router from the outside? Customer needs to ping a device on the network from a remote location.
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  • Two VPN tunnels to one peer, two vlans

    I have two 3448's in two offices. Site A has two internet connections and Site B has one. Both locations have two vlans, one (100) for computers and one (110) for voice. Right now I have a established VPN for the voic...
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  • Does the 3448 support the Network Monitor feature?

    Does the NetVanta 3448 support the Network Monitor feature described in the document Configuring WAN Failover with Network Monitor in AOS?
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  • AOS upgrade for first generation 3430

    We have a first generation 3430 originally part number 1200820E1 that was upgraded in 2011 to the E2 license (1950820E2 currently running R10.9.1) so that it could provide VPN access. I happened to check out the softw...
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  • Netvanta 3448 Diffie-Hellman 1024 PCI Compliance failed

    The first network security scan on our Netvanta 3448 failed the PCI DSS Compliance requirements. Firmware reports version, device part number is 1200821E1 and we have about 20 of these devices configured t...
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  • Router Set-up to allow video server access via port forwarding?

    Hello,   I have a netvanta 3420 router that was already installed in the business I was hired to manage. I need to allow the owner to access the video server through the internet. So he may log in and watch ever...
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  • CenturyLink PPPoE

    How to configure Netvanta 3448 to work with CenturyLink PPPoE ? Tried both authentication types "PAP and CHAP" neither works and then there are a lot of other check boxes plus Peer Authentication which I don't know wh...
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  • Netvanta 3448 - questions on upgrade  to R13.2.2E  and Telnet working even though it is disabled

    1 - When upgrading my 3120's to the latest firmware, most are requiring a boot rom upgrade first.  Is there a similar requirement on the 3448's?  Currently at 11.10.1E - upgrading to 13.2.2E. 2 -  I ch...
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  • Need help troubleshooting 3448

    I am trying to configure a Netvanta 3448 to give dhcp addresses out and have them route back to a internet connection i am getting from my ISP.   below is my current config.   The problem is when connectin...
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  • NV 3430 VLAN setup

    I've got VLANs working on my internet network, with VLAN1 untagged (native), and a few others tagged.  Most of my infrastructure is Cisco SG300 and SG500 switches.  I've currently got my NV3430 working using...
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  • WAN Flapping in Dual WAN configuration

    We're having a strange issue with a particular dual wan configuration. This is using a NetVanta 3448. It's running NV3448A-R12-3-3.biz firmware.   We two WAN circuits, an ethernet over fiber link (primary) and a...
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