• Allow Group of IPs through PFs

    I am using a Netvanta 3448 on Firmware R12.3.3.E.   Is there any way to allow a group of IPs through Port Forwards that are translated to user-specified ports?   I know you can go through and add every al...
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  • Can the Netvanta support L2TP for creating a Layer 2 tunnel across a MPLS network?

    I have a MPLS network that I want to hide.  My idea would be to have the Adtran create a L2TP tunnel back to a Cisco ASR903 that makes my site router appear as if it is layer 2 attached to a Host router.  I ...
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  • Could not set network interface IP address network mask.

    I am trying to set up a GRE tunnel between two sites. I tried to configure the Netvanta 3430 with the same GRE tunnel settings, other that the ip and gateway for the interfaces, and I am receiving the error "Could not...
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  • 2-factor AUTH for VPN client connections possible?

    Wondering if it's possible to implement 2AUTH with the 3448 and NCP software or any other solution?
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  • Can I enable/disble VPN using some API (or SNMP)?

    I've goot a VPN tunnel running between two sites (one static, one dynamic), and the tunnel goes down maybe once a week.  Both sides are NV3430 routers running R12.3.4.E   If I disable the tunnel using the G...
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  • raspberry pi 3 access(ssh or http) from the outside internet through the 3430 vpn

    For some reason (most likely my ignorance) I am unable to access(ssh or http) a raspberry pi system from the outside internet through the 3430 vpn.  There are no problems when inside our network.  The Centos...
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  • What is the SNMP OID for Line Status on a ISDN BRI DBU?

    I am hoping someone has an answer for this.   We have a few T1 circuits that are backed up by an ISDN BRI DBU. I would like to use our network manager software to monitor the line status of the BRI. Specifically...
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  • T1 Alarm Reporting Via Email

    Can someone tell me how to allow T1 Alarm notification on a Netvanta 3430  to be sent via email ? A config showing this either CLI or GUI would be helpful.
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  • ACL using hostname not working for SMTP 25 allows

    I have changed mail filtering services to a new provider which instead of having a small subset of subnets they may send us Port 25 connections on they have some 80 IP's. They suggest using a hostname, delivery.antisp...
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  • Message Waiting Issue

    I'm having an issue with MWT not working on a 2500 set and a Astra M9316 set being served from an Adtran TA 900e. The MWI light does not light when messages are left.  Has anyone else come across this issue?' ...
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  • 3430 SBC No Audio Outstanding Errata Bug

    Does anyone know of a work around for the following firmware errata: "When using media anchoring, receiving a 183 Session Progress after a previous 183 on hairpinned calls can result in no early media if the SDP in th...
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  • My router is dropping a VPN connection intermittently; it's been completely stable until recently...........

    I have an old  NetVanta 3448 that has a VPN connection to a satellite facility.  The tunnel has been stable for a long time, until recently.  The tunnel will visually look like it's ok, but it's not....
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  • Is it possible to do a debug sip stack messages user <phone #> on a 3430?

    Hello All,   I am currently working on a NetVanta 3430.   My question is simple, I want to run a SIP debug on a particular number.   Does the 3430 offer that?   I know generally it is debug ...
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  • Azure Site to Site VPN with Netvanta 3430

    i've tried setting up Azure VPN to my 3430 with no luck.   Adtran isn't on the Known Compatible device list , but i tried anyway.   has anyone else had luck with this?   i've included the sample cis...
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  • How many VLANs are supported on 3448?

    How many VLANs are supported on 3448?
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  • Netvanta 3448 Successor?

    We currently use the Netvanta 3448 across the business. The router can do anything we require and it operates really well, though we are looking to upgrade. The primary reason is due to the 100Mb/s switchports. Is the...
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  • Getting these events OPERATING_SYSTEM.FILESYSTEM... error code 11's

    Is the memory or CF failing in this unit.  Can the memory or CF be replaced.  Unit locked up today.  It seems to be read write errors
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  • where to configure intervlan routing

    Question -   I have  new setup going in - Scenario:   3448 will have customer metro ethernet coming in for SIP only, customer also has a cisco asa with their public inet coming in.   I will con...
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  • Port Forwarding issue NetVanta 3448

    Hi all!   So previously I was dealing with simple routers to where I just set up port forwarding IP/ and save. All within 2 minutes.   With NetVanta 3448 I had to watch 16 min tutorial video. Then I've tri...
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  • 3448 503: server error acessing through the GUI

    3448 503: server error accessing through the GUI. There are no other problems. Everything else is working on the router and I can always successfully log in through the CLI. Running latest firmware R11.10.1.E, tried m...
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