• Netvanta 4305 Bridging Operation/IP address for eth int

    I have a private network consisting of a 4304 at the core, wide octal T1 with Netvanta 1224R at each remote.  I have this configuration running in bridged mode just fine, ppp cross-connected to the T1's etc. ...
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  • bgp route failed to redist to ospf issues..

    AOS should be able to support bgp->ospf redistribution but I cannot get it going for some reason. As you can see below, is on OSPF database but no go to form the OSPF route. Did I miss any?   ...
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  • Compact Flash for 4430's

    Hi there,   How does one format a Compact Flash card for use on a NetVanta 4430?  Are there AOS native tools to do this?   Thank you,   Paul.
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  • Created a ACL with nat destination that used to work, but then my IP number changed.

    Created a ACL with nat destination that used to work, but then my IP number changed, so I needed to change the ACLs to reflect that.   After changing them, only the first host works.   So in the ex...
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  • NetVanta 4430 SIP Transparent Proxy on R10.9.6.V

    Hi there,   A couple weeks ago I came across one of my HPBX SIP customers with a 4430 that doesn't have SIP Transparent Proxy enabled.  Using the document "Configuring the SIP Proxy in AOS", I added these l...
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  • When I try to register my NetVanta 4430 I get a message that my serial number is already registered.

    How can I get this fixed so I can download an updated  firmware. I currently am running the Enhanced Feature Pack version NV4430A-R10-6-0-E.biz With the standard firmware that I can download I loose my VPN abil...
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  • How to get Event History to show packet denial

    Sorry for the dumb question, but is it possible for the event history to show packet denial? On products from you-know-who I can do a show log and see recent activity related to the ACL and all that, but I can't figur...
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  • block a mac addess

    How does one block rogue devices by Mac address on a Netvanta 4430?   I'm seeing unknown devices in my DHCP list.
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  • Adtran 4430 can not access via SSH, Connection timeout error for user and connection refused error for Solarwinds NCM

    line ssh 0 4 login local-userlist no shutdown ip access-class NetworkAdmins in    
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  • Strange traffic on NetVanta 4430

    Hello,  I have an old Adtran NetVanta 4430 running some pretty old code.  I did a 'debug ip icmp' and noticed a lot of outbound traffic with a source IP of and destination IPs of various kinds....
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  • Netvanta 4660 Web GUI / nCommand force check-in?

    Do the 4660 / 5660 models support the Web GUI? If not, is the ncommand "force check-in" operation expected to work if there is no web gui server running?   Thanks,   ~jerry
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  • Does my NetVanta 4430 supports  200 Mbps

    My name is Winston.Florez@bmsfhc.org i am currently in need to upgrade my ISP line speed from 100Mbps to 200Mbps want to know if this router support the added speed?
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  • Connected route exists for a DUP IPV6 address.

    Hey Guys,   I have 2 routers connected back to back. R1 and R2. On R1, I've configured an IPv6 address 4444::2/64. Now on R2, I've configured the same IPV6 address 4444::2/64.   When I see the show ipv6 inte...
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  • unable to configure ip forward-protocol udp ntp

    I'm having some trouble configuring a Netvanta 4305 to forward UDP requests for NTP.  I get the below error messages.  I have been able to configure bootp and DNS to forward.  Any thoughts?   (con...
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  • NV4660 is it a Provider Edge switch or Customer Edge switch

    Hello I want to know if NV4660 is it a Provider Edge switch or Customer Edge switch
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  • SNMP Requests to 4430 are timing out

    I have a 4430 R12.3.3  running as my router between my LAN and the Internet. On both the WAN & LAN side the connection is Copper GigE. I am seeing SNMP requests that I use to track utilization of the router ...
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  • Adtran 4430 Firewall and Routing of VLAN Issues

    I am looking for some guidance on my router setup that I am having issues getting the local interfaces to get past the public interface. Below is a sample of what I am trying to accomplish and have show my current con...
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  • Spoke to Spoke Communication - IPsec VPNs

    Hello all... I'm trying to make something work and need a little help.  Ultimately if I can get a working solution for our office and 3 satellite locations... I plan to deploy the same setup to a customer that ha...
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  • Netvanta 4305 DHCP problem?

    I have a netvanta 4305, the DHCP range is set to to141.   The ip address that is showing up on the computers is 192.168.30.xxx.  The computers are mostly win7 with a couple of macs and win10. &#...
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  • Logging ACL on NV4660

    Hi,   I have created an acces-list configured to an interface with an "log"-Entry. I'm connected to the NV4660 by Telnet and want to see the matches at telnet session. But it does not work.   Access-list i...
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