• Netvanta 6250 Out of Order Packets - Extreme amount reported

    I have a Netvanta 6250 set up to handle calls at a site that we manage. My connection on ETH 0/1 is directly to the Modem for the internet provider at the site, 50m circuit. The customer is complaining of call quality...
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  • Netvanta 6355 with Aastra 6757's losing BLF/Call Park/Phantom Ring

    So here is what I have: I have a 6355 in a HPBX configuration just using the 6355 as POE for 15 Aastra 6757i Phones every once in a while the customer calls us saying a phone or phones can see a parked call or a moni...
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  • New to adtran, please help.

    Hey everyone, I am trying to configure a static NAT, about 15 IPs no firewall, just straight pass-through, any SIMPLE way to do this? I looked in the GUI but cannot figure out a way to do it... T1 is disabled ETH 0/1 ...
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