• Sip trunk to MS TEAMS

    Hi   Looking for some assistance setting up a trunk to MS Teams. config is based on the below doc but i still have issues as per details below.     SIP Signaling and Media Security in AOS file:/C:/Us...
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  • 6240 DID (or DNIS) routing between trunks

    Hey all,   We have a 6240 in our lab with a SIP Trunk, 2 PRI's and FXS loops connected to a ShoreTel PBX.  I want to direct specific incoming DID's to one of the mentioned trunks on the 6240, how do I do th...
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  • DHCP relay help with two NV6300 routers

    I am trying to understand DHCP relay better. Basically I have two firmware updated NV6310 model routers with the first one having a DHCP pool. What I would like to see is if I can make DHCP (from router one) work behi...
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  • intervlan NetVanta 6533

    Hi, Please help me with InterVlan 6533 please, my 2 Vlan cannot communicate between each other, following is a extract of the pertinent configuration: i nterface eth 0/10   spanning-tree edgeport   no sh...
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  • Call forwarding SIP on Netvanta 6242 No Audio

    We have a sip trunk connected to a 6242.  Inbound and outbound calls work fine, but calls that are forwarded thru the PBX have no audio.  I donlt feel that the PBX is the issue.Has anyone seen this issue bef...
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  • ip rtp firewall command

    We recently connected a 6355 to our network to provide failover for our nocc center. Unfortunately, when migrating our nocc over to the 6355 from our Cisco switch we have run into issues with connection on certain pro...
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  • No Listener Message -NV 6355

    Hello Guys,   After some tests with a customer and the NV6355 the customer set the NV6355 as a Router with NAT, and behind the NV he puts another VoIP equipment, then he made some calls and the calls from the Vo...
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  • New to adtran, please help.

    Hey everyone, I am trying to configure a static NAT, about 15 IPs no firewall, just straight pass-through, any SIMPLE way to do this? I looked in the GUI but cannot figure out a way to do it... T1 is disabled ETH 0/1 ...
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  • Multiple IP Address Configuration, NAT Help using a NV6355

    Hello, I am trying to configure a NV6355 for Multiple IP Address usage. Let me explain what I am hoping to accomplish.   1. Internet is coming in on a fiber connection, VLAN tagged 61. I am using an SFP module ...
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  • Bridging Across NV6355 terminating to a MLPPP TA3000

    Is it possible to bridge with an MLPPP connection terminating to a NV6355 at the customer premise and the other side of the circuit terminating at the Core to a TA3000 with MLPPP cards? We have a scenario where the cu...
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  • Using the 6355 as a PoE switch only.

    The scenario is this.   I will be using MLPPP as access to my private network. Is it possible to disable the DHCP on the 6355 (I have already deleted the pools) so that the DHCP on the private network can assig...
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  • Simple Routing Question (I hope!)

    It's been to long since I've had to play with routing and I just can't figure this out. Present system:  VOIP system attached to T1 interface of 6310. 6310's eth0/2 has an address of n.n.n.149.  eth0/...
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