• Sip trunk to MS TEAMS

    Hi   Looking for some assistance setting up a trunk to MS Teams. config is based on the below doc but i still have issues as per details below.     SIP Signaling and Media Security in AOS file:/C:/Us...
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  • DHCP relay help with two NV6300 routers

    I am trying to understand DHCP relay better. Basically I have two firmware updated NV6310 model routers with the first one having a DHCP pool. What I would like to see is if I can make DHCP (from router one) work behi...
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  • Bi-directional NAT not working across VPN

    I have a VPN setup on a 6310 and have to hide the private IP subnet behind another private IP subnet across this VPN.  The VPN is up and I can ping a server across the VPN, but they are not able to ping anything ...
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  • Multiple IP Address Configuration, NAT Help using a NV6355

    Hello, I am trying to configure a NV6355 for Multiple IP Address usage. Let me explain what I am hoping to accomplish.   1. Internet is coming in on a fiber connection, VLAN tagged 61. I am using an SFP module ...
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  • Using the 6355 as a PoE switch only.

    The scenario is this.   I will be using MLPPP as access to my private network. Is it possible to disable the DHCP on the 6355 (I have already deleted the pools) so that the DHCP on the private network can assig...
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