• Does the Trunk Groups section order is important

    Hi, we are moving from analog to PRI. Incoming call goes by the PRI but the outgoing call still going to analog trunk. My question is that my problem could be the order of the Trunk Groups. Does it go up to down and ...
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  • RTP Errors from FXO interface

    Customers unit just started experiencing this issue.  Calls come in from FXO ports and I can see them ringing into the AutoAttendart (700) or an individual extension (when I manually changed it from 700 to 210 fo...
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  • International Call Failing - Netvanta 7100 (t1 PRI)

    Hello,   I am new to the forums.   Location: USA Hardware: Netvanta 7100 Firmware Version: cFLASH NV7100A-A4-12-00-E.biz   T1 -> PRI   Enabled International Calling on the executive class...
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  • FXO 0/1 and 0/2 to Auto Attendant

    I am trying to get the FXO 0/1 and 0/2 to go to Auto Attendant. 7060 Adtran IP706 phones I am wanting it to ring the AA first, then goto the requested IP 706's.   I have setup the trunks. I have tried a asso...
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  • Analog line shared between 911 calls and fax machine

    Good day, I have the following scenario: Some time back we added a fax machine using an analog line that was set up to also ring at the front desk; I don't know why we accepted such a setup but it was done.  I be...
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  • Connecting Netvanta 7060 to intercom

    Hi all   We're in the process of migrating to a Netvanta 7060 in one of the schools I manage, and I'm having some trouble trying to integrate the two way paging/intercom system that they use.   Currently t...
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  • Analog SLA Operation

    I have two analog lines and two IP712 sets attached to a 7060. The two lines are configured as SLAs and have been added to the two phones. The appear to operate as expected for outgoing calls and outbound calls can be...
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  • 2 outbound caller id's on a PRI and removing 9 from FXS 0/1 (fax)

    Adtran 7100 R11.4.5.E   I have a PRI that I want to have the primary outbound caller ID to be "xxxxxx4400" and that works, I also have a DID coming in that points to the to FXS 0/1 to a fax machine.   Can ...
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  • Adtran 7100 FXO analog trunks with Centrex voice mail

    What I have is a small application with 2 analog trunks and 6 706 phones. The customer has telco provided voice mail (call notes). what is going on is they want to keep that and NOT use the internal voice mail of the ...
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  • Auto attendant just keep going and analog FXO trunk seized after incoming caller hangs up

    I have a 7100 with analog centrex lines as trunk lines terminating on FXO interfaces. When the auto attendant answers and the calling party hangs up the auto attendant just keeps going and keeps the trunk tied up. Any...
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  • IP Doorphone vs NetVanta 7000 series

    Hi,   Need to install an IP doorphone w/relay that can handle door open feature on remote site so there's no FXS port possible. Does Adtran support this type of configuration?   Can we use this? http://www...
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  • VOIP/ FOIP and Encryption

    Hi all, We are using Netvanta 7100 PBX.  I was wondering if VOIP transmissions are encrypted by default and if not, is there a way to encrypt?  Also, if using VOIP (FXS) for fax transmissions, is there are w...
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  • External transfer times out after 60 seconds Netvanta 7100

    Hey Y'all!   I have incoming calls going to a ring group, if the ring groups doesn't answer I have it going to an external number, which is their external voicemail/answering service. The transfer works, however...
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  • Mysterious analog trunk seizure

    I have a 7100 at a customer premise that occasionally seizes one of the analog lines and will not release it until physically disconnected from the jack.  Once it is reconnected, the unit operates as expected unt...
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  • Netvanta 7100 and Polycom VVX 400 Phones have internal feedback

    Howdy!   I installed a system about 2 weeks ago, and ever since the customer has been having random feedback issues (they hear people in the same room as them echoing through the handset). I tested this today o...
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  • Debugging Caller ID from analog trunks?

    I have a 7100 configure with 4 FXO lines. Right now, I'm not seeing any caller ID information when I receive a call on one of those lines. I do have the 'caller-id' command under the trunk config. How can I debug the ...
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  • Conference Volume

    User complains when he conferences 2 outside parties with 1 inside the 2 external parties have trouble hearing each other. The internal user can hear all parties ok. Using analog POTS lines.
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  • Extensions ring when sending fax

    We are using a 7100 with (2) Analog lines.  The secondary analog line is routed through a line sharing device (The Stick, diagram attached).  When sending a fax the extensions (VVX 400) will ring, client ass...
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  • Netvanta 7100 R11.4.2.E No ERL on GUI

    I am trying to figure out what happened to my "Tune Analog Trunks" button for the Analog Trunk configuration on my 7100.   I am able to run the command "test erl all auto-set" via CLI of my FXO interface config ...
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  • Netvanta 7100 - Ring Group CID Prefix

    After upgrading the system firmware to R11.5.0.E the CID Prefix functionality for Ring Groups stopped functioning. I still see the prefix being sent to the phone in debugs however the phones still display "Unknown". W...
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