• Cannot place calls to external numbers

    Hi all, One of our locations is having issues placing outgoing calls to external numbers.  The issue happens several times on and off throughout the day, every day.  It lasts for about 20 minutes average bef...
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  • Call drops two way audio exactly after 30min

    Hi all. When our users are on the phone for more than 30 minutes, audio stops working both ways.  If either the calling party or the called party places the call on hold and takes it off hold, two way audio is re...
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  • DTMF issue

    Hi guys, We have a Netvanta 7100 at our location.  One of our extensions does not allow the user to select menu options from an external Auto Attendant when calling certain numbers.  It works when calling ot...
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  • Outbound calls occasionally receive fast busy signal - Please give any suggestions

    I recently began working for a small family-run business where the Network admin had left abruptly, and I inherited his mess. Throughout the quest to fix the problems he left for me, there has been one issue that rema...
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  • Question about syslog output result from call flow

    Hi, i foward all my logs on a NAS device on the network. We had issue this weekend with a client and i wanna know what those abreviation in blue mean. Why one end by 0 F and the other is 0 RBA... what that mean for t...
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  • One way audio for incoming calls

    Hi.  For about two weeks now, callers have been complaining of one way audio when calling one of our centers.  I have opened a support request with our ISP and they said that they see no signs of one way aud...
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  • Netvanta 7100 max user

    Hi, i wanna know what is the maximum of users that the netvanta 7100 can support. We actually have some problem with the processor going over 80% and sometimes 90% and this occurs call cut/shutdown. We have around 60...
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  • QoS for Host and Branch sites using GRE/VPN tunnels

    I have a customer that is using a central PRI at host site and delivers calls to and from branch sites over GRE/VPN tunnels.  Branch sites are complaining of poor voice quality.  Branch states they can hear ...
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  • New ATSE/UCAS Certification Class Coming Soon

    Stay tuned for a new three day  advanced level certification class coming soon. Will be conducting the new class in Huntsville, Boston, and maybe Los Angeles.  Click on the Receive email notifications to con...
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  • Calls Straight to V/m and FMFM not working properly

    We have a customer on an Adtran 7100 that is having a couple of issues.   1.) They have one extension(ext 100) that all incoming phone calls go directly to V/M. He is able to still make outgoing calls. He has to...
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  • 7100 QoS marking

    What is the best to mark the SIP traffic to our upstream SIP provider?  I tried going through the QoS wizard, but it would not let me select the SIP port (udp 5060) or the SIP providers IP as the match to then ma...
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  • Unable to dial international calls

    Hello,   I have a Netvanta 7100 configured to work with AT&T IPFlex Service. The AT&T IPFlex Service is being delivered emulating a PRI and connecting via a T1 card into the Netvanta. Almost all of the u...
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  • Qos map - multiple match entries on the same line vs on seperate lines

    Matt, One quick question.   qos map VOIP 10   match dscp 46   match dscp 26   priority unlimited   That is correct right? What is it was like this. qos map VOIP 10 match dscp 46 26***-...
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  • Qos cannot get it to work with ipsec over gre tunnel

    Hi Support, I cannot get Qos to work over IPsec over ip tunnel.  It use to work great with regular VPN.     qos-policy out: VOIP    map entry 10      match dscp 46  ...
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  • Connecting 2 7100's

    Getting ready to install 27100's that will be connected with SIP trunks. One site will have PRI that will provide inbound/outbound calling for both systems. Can the default IP addressing be left in place in both syste...
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  • 7100 Call Quality

    Hi,   Just got a 7100 up and running an I have run into a couple questions that I will tackle one at a time.  First is Call Quality.  It does not seem to be too good.  Average at best with a polyc...
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  • [SOLVED] Fowarded FXO lines hear Auto Attendant message over call

    Our 7100 is having an interesting issue. One of the FXO lines is configured to forward to an outside line, by setting the Default Trunk Number as the outside line, and disabling the DID. When this number is dialed it ...
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